Five most tolerant nations in the world

Picture1Russian rankings site Venividi has published a list of five most tolerant nations in the world, which have distinguished themselves for respect to its citizens with  multi-ethnic and muti-religious backgrounds and visitors and tourists from other countries. The report was issued on the occasion of November 16, the International Day of Tolerance.

Canada tops the list. This North American country has been recognized a refuge for those who escaped persecution in other countries and longed for opportunities. In the last two decades, Canada has relaxed its immigration laws and enriched its population with representatives of many more nations.

Australia comes in second. According to a local survey, less than 5% of the participants have stated they did not wish to live side-by-side with immigrants. The rest of the society welcomes newly arriving residents of the country. Although the parliament is overwhelmingly White Caucasian, positions in leading high-tech and oil companies are being filled by the newly arrived immigrants.

Argentina is third. Being a country established by European immigrants, Argentina is considered the most tolerant nation of South America. It is also the first country which legalized same-sex marriages.

Sweden ranks fourth. Since 1950s when Sweden opened its door to immigrants, this Scandinavian state established itself as a multi-ethnic tolerant state. One fifth of the country’s population are immigrants. Immigrants who are legally admitted to the country get the same rights and freedoms Swedes themselves enjoy. Sweden is a state which allows same-sex marriages, as well.

Azerbaijan, a country in far Eastern Europe, where 95% of the population is Muslim is tolerant to other religions. Jews and Christians along with believers enjoy religious freedoms guaranteed by the state. It is often cited as an example for other Muslim states. The country was the first republic in the Muslim world, proclaimed in 1918 and was the first Muslim state to have provided suffrage to women in 1919. Azerbaijan is a multi-ethnic state with various and unique ethnic groups within its boundaries.

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