The Young Turks: American banks are also ‘at fault’ in Greece

By The Young Turks Network

In the video below hosts Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola break down the situation. They touch on the uncertainty of Greece’s fate with the looming referendum on Sunday, “If Greeks vote yes, then they will go back to the previously existing deal…if they vote no, they reject the current deal,” Iadarola explains, “… and then we don’t know, exactly.” On the fate of Greece, “Honestly, to continue on with reforms that have been posed is unrealistic,” Kasparian adds. Iadarola points out that that Greeks will probably choose to vote in a new government should things get worse.

Kasparian and Iadarola also reveal the ‘shady’ role of American banks, like Goldman Sachs, in concealing Greece’s debt. This was just one of the issues that added to Greece’s financial woes. American banks are also at fault, “I love that they can be, at the same time, so incompetent that they collapse the entire international economy,” Iadarola adds, “And yet able to multitask…lying to and robbing Greece and America.”

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