Edi Rama: Europe’s wealthiest and controversial politician

By Peter Tase

On March 19, 2016, the Socialist Party of Albania held its communist style convention at the heart of Tirana, at the very same convention hall where its totalitarian forefathers held their Marxist gatherings over thirty five years ago.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, during the planning of the recent convention, Edi Rama, Albania’s Prime Minister and Party Chairman had an absolute control of the participants list and of all communications media that was partially recording the keynote speeches delivered by Socialist Oligarchy.

Rama’s convention auditorium was stained by Albanian Members of Parliament, ministers, money laundering barons and drug traffickers whose main escape is the Socialist Party in order to evade justice and prosecution. Mr. Rama’s audacity to appear in public with Europe’s notorious criminals is unparalleled to any other leader in the Western Democracies and beyond.

Additionally, the projection of the current Mayor of Tirana as Edi Rama’s newly groomed leader of Albanian Socialist Party, may cause an earthquake not only in Albania’s Party of Sheiks but also deteriorate poverty levels  and certainly raise the misery bar within the framework of national economy and general welfare.

Mr. Rama’s refusal to condemn money laundering schemes of Koço Kokëdhima; expel from his party ordinary criminals such as Arben Ndoka (former member of Albanian Parliament) and Armando Prenga (a member of Albanian Parliament who has criminal charges upon his shoulders and continues to dodge Albanian justice for over six months), and further investigate money laundering schemes that were sprouted by Mr. Ditmir Bushati, his Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is also a shareholder in Albania’s largest air pollution generating company.

In 1946, Albanian communist regime had approved the agrarian reform; seventy years later, Mr. Rama and his government has abandoned the agricultural and food production sectors of Albania despite the commendable work that has been done by his Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, even though the former has always been marginalized by the Prime Minister and his team.

In his Socialist Convention, Albanian Prime Minister reiterated once again his all heartedly support for Mr. Erion Veliaj, George Soros’ offspring , as the incoming leader of Albanian Socialist Party who has caused a huge discontent among other members in Mr. Kokëdhima’s Club of Renaissance or better said, the kidnapped party of Mr. Rama.

It is alarming to see that Mr. Veliaj’s supporters had won most of the elected seats in the General Assembly of the Socialist Party, whereas Mr. Saimir Tahiri (chairman of Tirana’s Socialist Party -SP- Branch) and his team; were treated by Mr. Rama as the black sheep of the flock.

Mr. Rama’s main opponent, Ben Blushi who represents the elite of the senior SP members, was crucified; such an attitude is only experienced in the political purges of North Korea.

Mr. Edi Rama’s government is incompetent and a prey to a significant influence of Islamic State; it must be emphasized that Albanian National Intelligence Service has been infiltrated by Islamic State agents and its well trained officers; Albanian national security and integrity is at risk. Tirana must take immediate actions to strengthen its border security and bolster its intelligence services in the Armed Forces and National Police.

Moreover, a malignant tumor of Albanian communism continues to prevail in Edi Rama’s Socialist Party; his loyal members such as; Pandeli Majko, Ditmir Bushati (Foreign Affairs Minister), Taulant Balla (member of parliament) and Sajmir Tahiri (Minister of Interior), they all support bolstering party interests more than national interests, as a result Mr. Arben Ahmetaj (a passionate private jet traveler ), who recently became Minister of Finances, and his colleagues aim to defend their money laundering affairs that are extended from the shores of Panama to the Indian Ocean, by first prioritizing their party’s longevity into power, instead of gathering all their forces towards developing Albanian Economy, Foreign Policy and improve national image abroad.

The lavish lifestyle of Mr. Rama’s government is excessively sumptuous if compared to the lives of over 1.5 million Albanians who live below the poverty line and earn only five Euros a day.

Mr. Rama’s ministers enjoy the privileges of public office by embracing a plentiful life and by using some of the high scale luxurious vehicles available, including: Mercedes-Benz S Class, Audi A7, Audi Q7, Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and innumerable Jaguars.

Despite the outstanding efforts of the U.S. government to promote the decriminalization reforms in the country, while aiming to put behind bars politicians with criminal records; it shows clearly that Mr. Rama is the principal obstacle of this legislative and executive reform.

Back in 2013, Albanian’s would have never thought that Edi Rama’s government members would tear apart the national treasury resources and impose upon local tax payers – just like a jaguar preparing an ambush to kill his prey – in order to purchase expensive jaguars to satisfy their lavish lifestyle.

Moreover the national debt has surpassed all imaginary figures that future generations of Albanians will have to pay.  FDI is almost inexistent in Tirana, due to Mr. Rama’s Government members who constantly pressure foreign investors for huge bribes and expensive vacations abroad.

The compromised legislation that was thankfully not supported by Socialist Integration Movement, was a mere corruption scheme that was invented by Mr. Rama’s and is doomed to jeopardize Albania’s national assets that are heavily controlled by a small group of oligarchs that belong to his sect.

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Peter Tase

Peter Tase is a contributor, freelance journalist and a research scholar of International Affairs, Paraguayan Studies, Middle East Studies and Latin American Affairs, located in the United States. Educated at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Marquette University Les Aspin Center for Government; Tase is the author of “Simultaneous Dictionary in Five Languages: Guarani, English, Italian, Albanian and Spanish” and “El Dr. FEDERICO FRANCO y Su Mandato Presidencial en la Historia del Paraguay.” He’s a frequent contributor to Foreign Policy News. His personal website is

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