Strategic importance of COAS upcoming visit to US

By Anam Kauser 

Pakistan is in the limelight again, after the visit of PM Nawaz Sharif to United State, world is now looking at the upcoming visit of COAS Gen. Raheel Sharif to United States.  This visit is viewed of high significance in the strategic landscape of Pakistan and South Asian region as expectations are more focused towards regional symmetry and equilibrium. Forthcoming visit of COAS has importance on national as well as international level. These multiple factors are making this visit more interesting.

National scenario of this upcoming visit has its own worth and impact. It is very obvious that there will be distinguished difference between PM visit and COAS visit to United stated and visit of Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif has much possibility to bring meaningful results. Presently, Popularity and trust graph of military leadership is much high as compared to political leadership, by bagging this in mind, one can optimize that Pak military command will represent Pakistan and its  issues more aptly in United states. While having thought of wide-reaching significance of following visit, three major issues float in the minds 1. Afghanistan Issue which is of more in US interests. USA is preparing ground for easing its force out of Afghanistan. 2. Issues of Pakistan Nuclear weapons, it is considered as national issue but have some strategic impacts at international level. US being the frontline vocalist of non-proliferation will not support Pakistan in developing its nuclear program. There is a possibility that US might offer any nuclear deal to limit Pakistan’s nuclear program. 3. Not surprisingly, USA will again ready to fight Indian case in front of Pakistan.

Not only national but International media is busy in giving spice to this upcoming visit, particularly Indian media. By analyzing, the attitude of Indian media, one can understand that India is feeling heat from this visit. In recent visit of PM Nawaz Sharif he presented dossier against Indian involvement in terror activities in Baluchistan and other provinces of Pakistan. Indian pattern is not to accepting their mistakes; they are annoyed with this act of Pakistan. In reaction to this step of Pakistan, India is making efforts to influence US positive approach towards Pakistan.

Indian media is tiring in publishing much anti-Pakistan content these days. They are hitting two issues more forcefully, issues enclosing are safety and security of Pakistan nuclear weapons and terrorism especially in milieu of Taliban and instability in Afghanistan. In sight of afghan Taliban and peace bringing in Afghanistan, Pakistan has always supported establishment of peace but joint efforts of all stakeholders is what, which is always missing from the vision of peace talks between Taliban and Afghan government. Having the porous border the stability in both states is linked to each other.

As far as US and India are concerned, Pakistan should send firm stance against Indian terrorism in front of their biggest supporter. Pakistan should come up with transformed dimension by raising issue of water terrorism by India especially on the water of Kashmir. India has been in effort to establish its supremacy in the region by getting control on water sources. India has water dispute with Pakistan and it can be called as water terrorist as distraction or contagion of water supplies amounts to water terrorism. Pakistan is facing serious difficulties in the agricultural and power sector because of a water grabber country like India. India is using water as an instrument of war. India evil strategy of constructing barrages and dams on water sources is utter violation of international water pacts. Pakistan needs to raise water issue as geo-strategic matter besides Indian terror proxy role in the region. Water issue should be considered as most important agenda of the meeting.

Presently, US interests and Pakistan’s Interest are going side by side. No one can pragmatically deny the importance of Pakistan by asserting that US doesn’t need Pakistan to sooth her objectives in Afghanistan and to counter the growing influence of china. Pakistan need to cash this moment. This scenario can give Pakistan some space for negotiating. The visit’s outcomes should be in win-win situation for both countries. If US will offer nuclear talks, Pakistan will need to stress to maintain strategic balance with India. Pakistan cannot afford any compromise on its nuclear program and national security.

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Anam Kauser

Anam Kauser is a student of international relations and an independent researcher.

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