Cenk Uygur: Deal reached in Paris Climate Talks

Cenk Uygur breaks down the historic deal reached during the Paris climate talks that over 190 countries agree with. While there are still concerns over the success of this deal, Uygur criticizes Republicans for already wanting to shred it.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell criticized President Obama for the deal and said that it could be ‘shredded’ in 13 months if a Republican is elected. Uygur explains, “If you elect a Republican all this is for naught, we’re not going to do any of it, ‘so the whole world agreed…who cares, we’re Republicans.’”

Uygur adds, “That’s what the Republicans in America believe. Bernie Sanders is right that they work for the oil companies.”

There’s also concern from environmental activists that the deal isn’t bold enough. Uygur says, “It is a step forward. How much of a difference it makes, only time will tell.”

Watch the full commentary below:

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