Pakistan’s permanent membership in the SCO: The dreams of prosperity

By Nasurullah Brohi

With the permanent membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Pakistan has successfully become to achieve a platform of benign partnership with developed and immensely rich co-member states that exceptionally will help in addressing its economic, security and social issues. With the firm support by China for the permanent membership of Pakistan into the SCO, the efforts have finally paved the way for the successful entry of Pakistan for becoming full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The full membership of the SCO prospectively improves international stature of Pakistan with exclusive political, economic and economic opportunities.

The SCO is an ideal sketch of all the things those were actually real-time requirement for Pakistan. The multi dimensional participation makes the organization a unique set of collections and characteristics with diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity. It also greatly supports Pakistan to accentuate its interest in regional peace, stability and development. The efforts for regional cooperation against the terrorism, separatism and extremism will be further strengthened. The SCO members firmly and collectively strive for the complete eradication and protecting the region from the threat of terrorism, separatism and the threat of external interference.  Moreover, the SCO provides Pakistan with opportunity to get into closer interaction and relationship with Russia, China and other Central Asian states therefore; it will prove for Pakistan a highly valuable option to seek variety of options to overcome its long-lasting security, energy and other social problems. In addition, Pakistan will get the benefits through greater economic linkages and cooperation with Central Asian countries in the areas of energy and transport. It gets the benign opportunity to explore the SCO’s socio-economic prospects under the SCO Development Bank.

Since the core charter of the SCO emphasizes its members’ obligation for developing an environment of mutual trust, respect and non-interference therefore, it is much likely that both Pakistan and India would seriously seek the options to refrain from confronting each other. Consequently, a peaceful region would encourage all the members particularly the South Asian members i.e. India and Pakistan to reallocate their resources towards constructive purposes rather than indulging in unending and expensive arms races. The two countries will eventually become able to experience new trends of bilateral relationship in the days coming ahead. The permanent membership of SCO will also bring an economic boom for the two countries since the immense natural and industrial strength of the SCO members particularly focus on sharing the technological and infrastructural development of the member states. If both India and Pakistan rightfully followed the core principles of the SCO, they would become able to bring up any enduring solution to their core issues and bone of contention such as the Kashmir issue. Besides the Kashmir, the issues of water distribution would also be resolved since the issues related to the water distribution was thought to be an security alarm for possible outbreak of war between Pakistan and India in the future.

The SCO also focuses and advocates new trends in the prevailing international political arena. The SCO demand for a new world order and non-dominance of any single state on international affairs is also one of the great roles of the Organization in regional and international affairs. The strategic cooperation and the close ties as leading powers of the SCO enable China and Russia further strengthen their strategic and political bound and increase their sphere of influence beyond the region. This influence particularly expands in many diverse fields, the SCO members having tremendous geographic possession and the human resources have exceptional economic edge and any economic sanction in the future would hardly affect any SCO member’s economic sustainability.

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Nasurullah Brohi

Nasurullah Brohi works as a Research Fellow at the Strategic Vision Institute in Islamabad and can be reached at [email protected]

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