Who may have instigated coup in Turkey?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

At this point of time, it is not possible to spot the foreign forces that are behind the coup operations in Istanbul in the midnight. However, once the tools used for the coup are ascertained, the forces that would have benefited from the destabilization of Turkey would automatically get exposed- other way round as well.

USA and EU should be the possible instigators of the coup, besides Gulen an opponent of President Erdogan who now lives in USA. Apparently, foreign ministers of USA and Germany namely Kerry and Steinmeier and other ruthless defenders of imperialist interests may have stood behind the anti-Islamic coup in Istanbul. The sensitivity of American interests involved is indicated by the fact that Incirlik airbase, one of the centres of the rebels, stores 50 American nuclear warheads. USA wants to focus on its global airbases, including in Turkey.

Apparently, Turkish military shot down a Russian plane that violated the Turkish airspace was done on the instruction from Washington. After all, all militaries are now functioning under the Pentagon and CIA. USA wanted to split Russo-Turkish relations and it succeeded in achieving that objective.  That President Erdogan has undone that operation by apologizing to Russian president Putin for the plane incidence must have irked Washington as its trick failed.  

Tensions between the government of President Erdogan and US led Western capitalist governments have intensified in recent weeks—over the Kurdish question, the Syrian war and rapprochement between Turkey and Russia. It is inconceivable, therefore, that the Turkish officers would have dared launch the coup against a formidable and popular government without support and encouragement from the American, British and German governments that say “care’ for complete freedom while the locals are ill-treated as suspected terrorists.

It is becoming abundantly clear now that all coup plots in select countries with strategic importance are being engineered in Washington. In fact, the so-called Arab Spring was launched by USA to destabilize Arab nations while making Israel unaffected and stronger.

One doubts if the American and German governments supported, if not behind, the failed coup in Turkey, but there can be no doubt that they supported the rebels politically and had hoped for their success. Failure of the coup, seeking another color revolution, is not in fact welcomed by these two nations.

One might have expected that an armed insurrection within the ranks of the second-largest NATO military after the Pentagon , with which both the American and German armed forces collaborate in the military alliance’s command structure and in daily war missions, would have unleashed a storm of condemnation, comment and debate in all NATO countries, especially in USA, UK and Germany. . But nothing of the sort occurred.

USA, though a close ally of Turkey, sought destabilization of Islamist government of Erdogan’s AKP party in Istanbul and is still eager to replace Islamic Turkey with a corrupt democratic anti-Islamic, so-called secular regime. US Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement from Moscow at 11pm, local time when it looked as if the coup might succeed and Kerry was at pains to avoid speaking definitively. He did not quickly condemn the coup to oust the elected government, but called in general terms for “stability and continuity within Turkey. When it looked the plotters would lose and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had called via Face Time for the people to resist, half an hour later, and the situation had begun to turn in AKP government’s favor, did Kerry and President Obama call for support for the “democratically elected government of Turkey.” They had to say that because Turkey is a prominent NATO member.

Only next morning, when Erdogan had already finished with the coup, did German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier pipe up and condemned “any attempt to alter the democratic order in Turkey by force.” In the afternoon, Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the coup attempt in a brief statement to the press.

Had the coup succeeded, the USA and EU jointly would have supported it readily supplying reasons for that, as they had backed the all invasions of US led NATO of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and the 2014 coup in Ukraine and the bloody counterrevolution in Egypt the previous year.

Both USA and Germany responded to the failed coup rather coolly and coldly. Both had expected the coup to succeed but the sudden return of President Erdogan made things worse for the coup plotters and these western powers. Washington and Berlin allowed much time to pass before tersely condemning the coup, only speaking out unequivocally when it was clear that the rebels had failed.

Gradually, the criticism from politicians and media outlets has been directed almost exclusively against Turkish President Erdogan and AKP Islamist government – the target of the attempted coup. As President Erdogan launched a needy purge of the state and military apparatus of their agents operating in Istanbul to destabilize the former Ottoman Empire, the US and German ruling elites became deadly angry saying that he is using the failed coup to act against his “internal opponents” and strengthen his Islamist supporters.

While criticisms of the rebels are hardly to be heard, politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are warning the Turkish regime against “revenge, acting arbitrarily and the misuse of power,” and urging observance of the “rule of law and democratic principles.” The media in NATO nations is playing a particularly cynical role in this campaign, pumping out government propaganda and making no secret of its sympathy for the rebels.

In fact, the USA and EU are angry that their coup failed. Their mischief gets revealed when, following a meeting with the foreign ministers of the European Union, Kerry indirectly warned Turkey on July 18 that it might lose its NATO membership if the government continued to act against its political opponents. “NATO membership supposes respect for democratic principles,” he announced. Merkel, who exhibited no scruples in reaching a dirty deal with Erdogan on the return of refugees from war-ravaged countries, threatened an immediate end to EU accession talks if the Turkish government acted upon its threats and reintroduced the death penalty.

The New York Times centered its fire on Erdogan and his government’s post-coup crackdown on coup plotters and supporters who are the political opponents. Barely concealing its surprise and disappointment over the failure of the putsch, it wrote that Erdogan has been no friend to free expression, ruthlessly asserting control over the news media and restricting human rights and free speech. Yet thousands responded to his appeal, turning back the rebels and demonstrating that they love the president and AKP and value freedom and democracy.

Media lords in the USA and EU try to shield the coup plotters the same way they help the Zionist criminals and Hindu criminals in Kashmir. The newspapers conclude by expressing the hope that the next attempt would go better by taking immediate control of the most important state institutions, thereby exposing their hidden agenda for Turkey. Interestingly, German media call President Erdogan new Hitler. Big joke!

In putting down the coup plotters, President Erdogan has saved Islamist government, Turkey nation, its freedom and democracy. But, however, the rebels and suppers and promoters pulling the strings had clearly miscalculated. They had completely underestimated the Turkish public support Erdogan enjoys and could mobilize.

If the coup succeeded and Erdogan were now sitting in prison, like former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who was also elected democratically, they would not be expressing a single democratic scruple. They have raised the question of democracy only now that it suits their political calculations.

Apparently, USA and EU had expected the coup to succeed putting President Erdogan and his AKP leaders in jails. While USA could get rid of turkey form NATO to pursue anti-Islamic agenda openly, EU boss Germany wanted to close the Turkey’s effort to enter the EU as a legitimate European nation The media is playing a particularly cynical role in this campaign, pumping out government propaganda and making no secret of its sympathy for the rebels, while the new anti-Islamic puppet government placed in Ankara, like in Kabul, Libya and even Pakistan, would pursue the goals of USA and NATO and EU as dictated to them by the bosses.

The vicious network of plotters, whether sponsored by western powers or not, should be burst as the discontent in other sections of the army and police—responsible for public security outside the large cities—remains. President Erdogan and his government should promptly punish the anti-Islamic plotters and supporters so that future of political and democratic Turkey would be safe and secure.

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Abdul Ruff

Dr. Abdul Ruff is an independent analyst; columnist contributing articles to many newspapers and journals on world politics; expert on Mideast affairs, chronicler of foreign occupations & freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.); Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA); commentator on world affairs & sport fixings, former university teacher and author of eBooks/books

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