Albania at the brink of war: This is what it did with the Mujahideens

By Armir Shkurti

The residency of three thousand Mujahideens in Albania is just like the settlements of the Israeli population that took place over the past century in the Palestinian territories.  It is not the problem of a community based on religious, ethnic and race issues, not at all.  The matter of fact is that these Mujahideens are enemies of the State of Iran.  They are not enemies by mere words and writings, but active fighters, declared as the enemies of Teheran.

With their arrival in Tirana the frontal war between Iran and Europe passes in the middle of our beloved nation’s territory.  This community is expected to establish its own media channels and bolster its activities within our borders and obviously be defended by our government.

Was such a high risk needed for Albania? Obviously every person has a price, without mentioning these governments and countries.  For this business affair Secretary of State John Kerry came to Tirana a few months ago.  How much is the price to accept in the middle of Albania the public enemies of Persian Empire?

It appears that it is something related to national interests, of the type…the unification with Kosovo…perhaps is worth.  For the other matters…well, who am I to elaborate on other issues?

I am sure that all of us have observed over the last months, the influx of the happy Mujahideens who ‘landed’ at Tirana East Gate Shopping Center to purchase their home amenities and last generation android phones paid by their loyal “donors”?

Edi Rama, came out as a failed and a humiliated statesman with the 2013 deal of chemical weapons, however he did not let this matter escape from his hands.  The public opinion did not understand in time and only a few know what it means to invite the enemy to sit on your side at the fire place.  The dream and anxiousness of every Albanian politician is to “maintain great relations with United States” and this opportunity came to our leader Edi Rama and he spared every effort to score points with this opportunity.

Perhaps a part of this deal is to have Ambassador Lu make positive and supportive statements for Edi Rama’s government and its war against drug trafficking, although we are seeing the cultivation campaigns of marijuana in Albania and its exports to Europe sky rocketing; such a marijuana campaign is historically the largest one ever led and hosted by Albanian government.

Is part of this deal the feebleness of Opposition Party Leader Mr. Lulzim Basha, pressure against Meta and the constant arrogance of Rama?  Is there a chance for the ‘Renaissance’ to secure a second mandate?

If this is the deal, it means, not that it is a bargain, but we have purchased war at a Goodwill shop.  America is becoming closer to Iran, just like the latter has been engaged to strengthen its relations with Brussels.  But what about us; the fatherland of Mujahideens?  What about the war that these Mujahideens have started decades ago and now are hosted by ‘the promised land’, the discovered Palestine in the heart of the Balkans?

To conclude: what about the information media? In fact is the deal of these Mujahideens was barely mentioned timidly and closed up once again; even though the media has no clue what is happening? NO! It is not true. With a little search on Wikipedia and Google everyone can learn the threat of Mujahideens and their risk.  But, just like anything else they have been bribed to keep their mouth shot, as a routine practice of today’s ‘Renaissance’ policies, with the very same miniscule price that foreign partners have purchased Mr. Rama & Co.


Translated from Albanian by Peter Tase.

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