Donald Trump and the fourth branch of the US government

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created in 1947 by Harry Truman, replacing the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to investigate administrative and fiscal records without administrative authorization and with the initial philosophy of endowing the President of a second point of view elaborated by civilians compared to the one provided by the military of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Until the time of Eisenhower, the CIA was the only central intelligence organization for the United States government and was behind multiple tasks of insurgent training and destabilization of governments opposed to Pentagon policies, but the military and financial lobbies (both phagocytosed by The Jewish looby) could not resist the temptation to create a de facto government that manipulated the intricacies of power, resulting in the emergence of a new entity (Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex), refractory to public opinion and to the control of the Congress and Senate of the United States). For his part, Kennedy, in a speech at Columbia University on November 14, admits that “there is strong pressure from US power groups to turn the office of President into something merely figurative” and so on November 21, 1963 , Was forced to sign executive order 11490, “which allows in emergency to provide the government with exceptional measures, even for any dictatorship” and shortly before leaving for Dallas commented to his close advisers: “We have to face the CIA …”

While secretly preparing a meeting with Fidel Castro. All of this was a clear command of the CIA, a true holder of power in the shadow and deeply embedded in all the US power apparatus, so that its leaders proceeded to the gestation of an endogenous plot that was in charge of the Hand Coup Against the democratic legality of the American political system and culminating in Kennedy’s assassination (Dallas, 1963). This plot would be a real work of labyrinthine engineering that would have as a brains the aforementioned CIA paraoficial and as necessary collaborators to the anti-Castro exile in Miami and its connections with the Mafia and the FBI of Hoover, Lee Harvey Oswald like scapegoat and exercise of distraction to deceive the hounds and as collateral damage the birth of a political system protected by the Fourth Branch of the Government, remaining since then all the successive Presidents elect of the United States like hostages.

Thus, the original CIA would have been transmuted into the so-called Department of Homeland Security and from the Hydra-CIA would have been born 17 new heads in the form of intelligence agencies that would integrate the US Intelligence Community (the Fourth Branch of the Government according to Tom Engelhardt), pathogens of a totalitarian nature and become a parallel state and true power in the shadow, thus fulfilling the prophetic words of the considered father of the American Constitution, James Madison, who comes to ensure: “the accumulation of All legislative, executive, and judicial powers, in the same hands, and if it is hereditary, autonomous, or elective, can be equated with the very definition of tyranny”.

Trump, the establishment black beast

Wright Millsen’s book “The Power Elite” (1956) indicates that the key to understanding American concern would lie in the over-organization of his society. Thus, establishment would be “the elite group formed by the union of the political, military, economic, university and mass media sub-elites of the USA” lobbies of pressure that would be interconnected by “a restless alliance based on their community of interests and directed by military metaphysics, “a concept that is based on a military definition of reality and that would have transformed the economy into a permanent economic war and whose paradigm would be the Rockefeller to participate in the financial, military and Jewish industry and one of whose members , David would be the impeller of Trilateral Commission (TC) or Trilateral (1973). However, the biologist Lyall Watson in his work “Lifetide” published in 1979 states that “if a sufficiently large number of people (Critical Mass) New knowledge or way of seeing things, this will spread throughout all humanity, “for which it is necessary that a certain number of people (Critical Mass), reach a higher consciousness, at which time the individual is already able to perform An evolutionary leap and achieve a change of mentality, a thesis known as “Theory of the 100th Monkey” and that would have its appearance in the electoral surprise of Donald Trump, candidate in principle totally refractory to party discipline and become the “black beast” of the establishment neocon.

Trump and the Fourth Branch of the US Government

In an interview with the American network ABC, the Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump expressed without ambiguity the idea that “NATO is obsolete, it does not serve to combat terrorism and costs too much to the US”, reason why demanded To the European countries members of NATO “to go box”, since the economic contribution of these European countries would be of a meager 2% of the national GDP, being the bulk of the financing in the hands of the USA (the 70% of near Billion $ Of the total budget). At a conference hosted by Trump at the headquarters of the influential political magazine “The National Interest,” Donald Trump outlined the outlines of his foreign policy that could be synthesized in his motto “United States First,” which would, in fact, To imply a return to the Monroe Doctrine for a return to economic protectionism after canceling the Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico (NAFTA) and US intervention in the so-called “backyard” (Latin America).

Trump also denounced the “excessive amount of weaponry currently circulating in the world” which would imply the assumption of the US Isolation Doctrine on the military level and the enthronement of the G-3 (USA, Russia and China) as “primus Peer “in global governance. This would mean a missile in the water line of the military-industrial complex that has shaped for the post-Obama stage the recovery of the role of the US as a world gendarme by an extraordinary increase of US military interventions abroad (read New East War Medium), so it would not be possible to gestate an endogenous plot by means of expeditious methods to truncate Trump’s political career and after the nomination of Mike Pence to get the US back on the path of pseudodemocracies protected by the true Power in the shadow of the USA (Fourth Branch of the Government).

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Germán Gorráiz López

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