Racism in U.S.: The African American dystopia

The totalitarian drift suffered by the United States during the mandate of George W. Bush caused that in the name of the holy-holy security of the State, in practice, the principle of inviolability (habeas corpus) of people was annulled, de facto establishing the principle of “presumption of guilt” instead of the original “presumption of innocence”, which would have remained an indelible stigma in the US security forces. This would be reflected in the arrogance, brutality and racial contempt that police interventions exude in the great cities of the United States, constituent elements of the so-called “negative perfection”, a term used by the novelist Martín Amis to designate “the obscene justification of use of extreme, massive and premeditated cruelty by a supposed ideal state ”. However, the rise of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the explosion of urban violence in the city of Minneapolis after the brutal death by asphyxiation of a defenseless George Floyd in a new out-of-control performance with clear racist overtones. law enforcement, could cause metropolitan areas with high rates of African-American populations (New York, New Orleans, Washington, St-Louis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cleveland, and Chicago) to erupt into violent street riots where they intermingle social demands with those of racial segregation, forgetting the teachings of Martin Luther King: “Violence creates more social problems than it solves.”

Donald Trump, the supremacists and the return of the “White Power”

According to an NBC poll, 54% of the white population would be “angry with the system”, which would have led white voters to support politically incorrect positions and refractory to the dictates of Donald Trump’s traditional republican establishment, symbolized in support of outraged whites over 45 to Trump and of neo-Nazi and white supremacist parties that continue to control the “deep America” spheres of power. The firm support for Trump’s candidacy by David Duke, ex-KKK leader and the subsequent appointments of Sebastian Gorka, (a member of the Hungarian far-right organization Vitézi Rand) as a counterterrorism adviser and Stephen Bannon, of populist ideology and far-right as Head of Strategy symbolized the arrival of white supremacists to the White House with the unequivocal objective of establishing “White Power” in a society in which demographic evolution will cause the white population to be a minority in the 2,043 scenario. Thus, according to the US Census Bureau, by 2043 whites will cease to be the majority of the American population and will be displaced by the sum of the Hispanic population that would increase from 53.3 million today to 128.8 million in 2060 and African-American, which would go from the current 41.2 million to the 61.8 million forecast by the projections.

African American dystopia

A dystopia would be “a negative utopia where reality takes place in terms antagonistic to those of an ideal society” and are located in closed or claustrophobic environments whose paradigm would be the city of Detroit, a dystopian scenario of real (non-fictional) nature and the paradigm of greatest mass exodus of population suffered by a modern city in the last 70 years. This exodus was motivated by the conjunction of economic reasons (the widespread corruption of the municipal authorities and the fact that the high taxes for living within the metropolitan area were drastically reduced in the suburbs) and racial ones. Thus, Detroit would have gone from having in the metropolitan area 1.8 million inhabitants in 1960 (90% white) to 700,000 in 2012 (84% African-American), a centrifugal migratory movement known colloquially as “white fligt” ( white flight) since the majority of the population that emigrated to the suburbs was white and middle and upper class, leaving the population of color confined to the east of the city in an area ironically called “Paradise Valley”. .

The X-ray of the pre-VID African-American population would outline a dystopian scenario, where 40% of the African-American population would live below the poverty line, with stratospheric unemployment rates above 17%, a figure that would triple as regards the population. young black woman (51%), with the consequent side effects of marginality, shadow economy and increased crime rates, favored by the lacerating lack of investment in public services and the existence of thousands of vacant lots and abandoned homes that should be destroyed by the City Council. In addition, the drastic collection of taxes forces to further cut social assistance programs, raise taxes and privatize most public services due to the accumulated deficit and the level of the bonds issued since they cannot print money to finance their deficits such as The nation does it, a situation that can be extrapolated to many other African-American cities.

The validity of Rev. Wright’s ideas

Reverend Wright in a 2001 sermon at the United Church of Christ parish in Chicago expressed the need for a collective metanoia of American society “that transforms imperial military wars into internal political wars against racism and the injustices of class ”, for which he proposed a fundamental redistribution of wealth through the reallocation of the public budget. Citing the “gift from the George W. Bush Administration of $ 1.3 trillion in tax exemptions for the wealthy,” he retorted with a proposal for public funding of universal health care and rebuilding the education system to put it at the service of the poor. . Likewise, in a conference delivered at Howard University (Washington) in 2006, he stated: “This country was founded and is run according to a racist principle (…) We believe in white superiority and black inferiority (…) more than in God himself, “according to an excerpt published by The Wall Street Journal. Likewise, ex-President Obama, spiritual son of Reverend Wright and debtor to the title of his book “The Audacity of Hope,” in his book “My Father’s Dreams” talks about the vital attitude of the African American population, marked by the generational stigma of “a racial segregation that has characterized the American future” according to his words, an unhealed wound that will inevitably flare up again during the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Reissue of the March on Washington?

The persistence of police violence against the African American population and the practical impunity of the police, combined with the media visibility of the white supremacists who would count on “the fraternal understanding” of Donald Trump, could swing the once monolithic attitude of the Black fraternities to stay out of violent protests by confirming the certainty of the words of the visionary Martin Luther King, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate: “We have learned to fly like birds, to swim like fish, but we have not learned the simple the art of living as brothers ”) Thus, we could attend the media gathering of another black pacifist leader and a new great peaceful march on Washington (Martin Luther King, 1963), a subsequent reissue of the violent racial riots of the summer of 1963 not being ruled out. , leaving in passing the phrase of Luther King “I have a dream” (I have a dream), as an unreachable utopia in the dist 21st century American optical society.

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