Mayhem in America: Masks off, Molotovs out

Dozens of major American cities are in the midst of massive unrest as a result of the nearly week-long riots that have taken hold of them following the death of George Floyd at the hands of (or rather, under the knee of) a Minneapolis police officer, with this uncontrollable chaos representing a dangerous phase of the ongoing Hybrid War on America being waged by its internal ideological and "deep state" enemies.

Dozens Of Destabilizations

It’s becoming the norm for commentators to opine that “America is more divided than ever before” with each passing day, but that’s actually an accurate reflection of reality nowadays, especially in the context of the nearly week-long riots that have taken hold of dozens of major American cities. The pretext for this destabilization is the death of George Floyd at the hands of (or rather, under the knee of) a Minneapolis police office, but instead of Martin Luther King-inspired peaceful protests being the method through which the mourners memorialize the man who many believe was the victim of a racist abuse of power by the cops, many of them have instead exploited this incident as a convenient pretext for carrying out a nationwide crime wave. Rioting, looting, and ransacking has regrettably characterized many of these supposedly “peaceful protests”, further dividing Americans in the process.

“The Protesters Are Heroic Revolutionaries Dedicated To Peace And Justice!”

Those in support of these violent mobs that are mostly rampaging throughout the country’s inner cities believe that these wanton crimes of destruction are “legitimate acts of protest” or even the beginnings of a “revolutionary resistance movement”. It doesn’t matter to them that innocent people and their property are being attacked because the perpetrators tend to be African-American, thus giving them a carte blanche to do whatever they want in the eyes of practically every critic of the US, be they liberal or “anti-imperialist”. Some have even concocted the ridiculous theory that every criminal caught on camera is actually an “undercover cop” or “white supremacist”, which defies belief because it’s obvious from the plethora of footage available that these are just pure opportunists who saw a chance to steal things and wreak havoc. Nevertheless, these criminals are being hailed as heroes, and any self-defense reaction to them is framed as a “racist hate crime”.

“Those Rioters Are Dangerous Criminals Who Are Collectively Punishing Innocent People!”

This brings the analysis around to discussing the views of those who are fiercely opposed to this violent breakdown of law and order in America’s major cities. Individuals of this principled disposition do not believe that innocent people or their property should ever be punished because violent mobs that are mad about something that has nothing to do with their prospective victims. Simply living in the US isn’t an excuse to to collectively punish an innocent person, nor is someone’s anger at the American government an excuse either. From countless conversations and keen observations, it certainly appears as though the rioters’ supporters are driven by ideological considerations related to their views on race (i.e. “white guilt”), domestic politics (“anti-Trumpers”), and/or foreign affairs (“anti-imperialism”). These are apparently important enough to those people to take precedence over morality and justify collectively punishing innocent Americans.

Wither America’s COVID Concerns?

Amidst all of this and before analyzing the larger context in which these destabilizations are unfolding, it should be pointed out that America’s COVID-19 concerns seem to have vanished into thin air. The Mainstream Media’s fearmongering about the supposed infectiousness and subsequent lethality of the virus at the center of this global pandemic is nowhere to be found despite dominating the news cycle for most of the entire year. Gone are the televised rants against the earlier protest movement that was peacefully demonstrating against the lockdownand which the media’s “talking heads” said was needlessly putting the entire nation at serious epidemiological risk. Instead, that narrative — whether right or wrong — has disappeared because it would be “politically inconvenient” to apply it towards the Democrat-supporting rioters who aren’t just causing physical destruction, but would also be accused of unleashing epidemiological “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”.

The Hybrid War On (Trump’s) America

The politicization of the American government’s response to the global coronavirus outbreak (World War C) was hitherto the most dramatic manifestation of what the author earlier described as the Hybrid War on Trump’s America, which refers to the use of regime change tactics such as intense information warfare in order to influence the outcome of this November’s elections. The economy was simply collateral damage in this ongoing unconventional conflict, but that campaign has since escalated following Floyd’s death last week after that tragic event served as the pretext for a nationwide crime wave unconvincingly disguised as a so-called “peaceful protest movement”. Some political forces sincerely believe that the rioters have serious “revolutionary potential”, while others silently wish (though few will ever admit it) that Trump would just order the security services to use lethal force so that they can then pretend that he’s become a “fascist dictator”.

America’s internal ideological and “deep state” enemies are tacitly coordinating with one another to both of these seemingly contradictory ends. The first-mentioned are doing all they can to “justify” the senseless targeting of innocent people and their property, while the second are ordering the police to abandon their stations to rioters and generally doing all they can to force Trump to escalate the country’s security response to the federal level. He has yet to take federal control of the National Guard like he’s legally entitled to do during a crisis, but it nevertheless remains a distinct possibility, especially after his ominous tweet warning that he’ll order them to take control if needed and quite possibly even shoot the looters if there’s no other recourse realistically available in the spur of the moment to disperse the violent mobs. To facilitate the federal government’s task of ensuring the country’s security, Trump promised to designate Antifa as a terrorist group.

Antifa:” Leftist Revolutionary Vanguard” Or “Domestic Terrorist Organization?”

This organization is heralded as a leftist revolutionary vanguard by its supporters but strongly condemned as a domestic terrorist organization by its opponents. Regardless of however one feels about their politics and tactics, it’s indisputable that the group utilizes classic Color Revolution strategies that have been weaponized across the world by American intelligence agencies over the past three decades for the purpose of regime change. Nevertheless, as the author wrote over four years ago in April 2016, “Color Revolution Technology Isn’t Just Black And White” since it’s rapidly proliferating across the world, no longer under the exclusive control of American intelligence agencies, and can thus theoretically be applied for whatever one believes to be a “positive” agenda (such as destabilizing US-backed governments that a person might be opposed to or even creatively utilizing some strategies for the purpose of “regime reinforcement” against regime change threats).

As with everything political, one’s stance towards Antifa will undoubtedly be subjective, but what’s objective is how the countries that most of Antifa’s allies support have responded to similar such groups. Having positive views towards Russia, China, Iran, and/or Syria, for instance, doesn’t automatically make one an ideological enemy of the US, but many of the people who defend Antifa and the rest of the rioters who are targeting innocent people and their businesses tend to like at least one of the aforementioned states. None of them, however, have any tolerance for Antifa-like activities. The members of the SCO (both official ones like Russia and observers such as Iran) are officially united in their opposition to terrorism, extremism, and separatism, and this group and their allied rioters proudly embody the first two threats. China used lethal force to quell deadly riots in Xinjiang back in 2009, Syria did the same in 2011, and Iran followed as recently as late last year.

Alt-Media Double Standards

Most members of the Alt-Media Community (who by and large are at the very least sympathetic towards Antifa and the rioters, if not having outright become their infowar partisans in the recently intensified Hybrid War on America over the past week) supported those states’ rights to defend both themselves and the innocent people who were being targeted by the riotous mobs, yet they don’t extend the same support to the American government or average Americans. Only they can account for the reasons behind their blatant double standards, but a likely explanation is that their stances are driven by ideological considerations, chiefly their hatred for the American government and desire to collectively punish everyone in the country who doesn’t bear arms against the state for “revolutionary” ends. Should that be the case, then it would call into question one of the main arguments put forth by the Alt-Media Community to defend Russia, China, Iran, and Syria.

Perhaps no plea has been relied upon more when defending their people from the Mainstream Media’s attacks than to remind everyone that innocent folks who have nothing to do with their government’s problems with the US are being victimized by the Hybrid War attempts that are being made against them. That’s certainly true, but this appeal to morality is mostly insincere since the same standard isn’t applied towards average Americans. There isn’t any foreign plot at play in the current unrest since the perpetrators are all domestic (whether they’re ideological enemies of the country and/or some of its treasonous “deep state” operatives), but innocent people and their property are nevertheless also being targeted. Still, the supporters of Antifa and the rioters don’t see any problem with this despite condemning such attacks whenever they occur against innocent non-Americans.

Climbing The Escalation Ladder

The hypocrisy of the rioters’ supporters and almost the entirety of the Alt-Media Community aside (who interestingly parrot the same narratives in this case as their supposed Mainstream Media “rivals”), the situation is rapidly escalating and approaching what appears to be an inevitable climax. No society in the history of mankind has ever survived by letting large-scale acts of violence continue to be committed against their citizens with impunity, and the US certainly isn’t an exception to this unofficial law of political science. Accordingly, there’s a very high chance that the security forces will eventually use lethal force to disperse these riotous mobs since non-lethal tactics have been largely ineffective. They might even have to do so under the direct orders of Trump since some “deep state” operatives in the worst-ravaged cities have previously ordered their police forces to stand down instead of defending innocent people and their property like they’re supposed to.

Shoot To Kill

For better or for worse, the American security forces might very soon shoot to kill, just like their counterparts in Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and other countries lionized by the Alt-Media Community have done in similar situations. Not only is this a very effective way of responding to riots, but it can also serve as a powerful deterrent to further acts of unrest. Moreover, it would be entirely within the security forces’ rights to respond this way since people’s political “rights” lose their meaning in the middle of an ongoing public security emergency, the same as they do anywhere across the world. The restoration of law and order is a prerequisite for ensuring the public’s safety so that innocent people aren’t collectively punished by the rampaging mob. Only then can the country begin to properly reopen after the economic devastation of the COVID-19 lockdown, which will in turn directly contribute to improving the population’s standard of living.

From COVID-19 To Color Revolution Chaos

This brings to mind the observation that the politicization of the government’s response to World War C was arguably weaponized as part of the Hybrid War on Trump’s America like the author earlier explained, which makes the ongoing Color Revolution chaos in the streets the next phase of this ever-intensifying campaign. That initial non-kinetic manifestation was driven by partisan interests, hence why it was described as being against “Trump’s America” even though it also harmed the interests of Americans who didn’t vote for him, but the current phase of this Hybrid War is against America as a whole because it utilizes kinetic (physical) means to literally wage war on the country without any political discrimination against its possible victims. Whether Democrat or Republican, Caucasian or African-American, every American and their property could potentially be targeted in this campaign. Even worse, these acts of urban terrorism are being proudly defended by many.

Concluding Thoughts

The Hybrid War on America is quickly spiraling out of control, and Trump seems destined to give off the optics of becoming the so-called “fascist dictator” that his opponents have fearmongered that he was for years already by ordering the security forces to use lethal force as a last resort for restoring law and order. This regime change campaign that’s actively orchestrated by the country’s internal ideological enemies and “deep state” operatives relies on the human sacrifice of society’s criminal elements so that they can spark a “race war” in the event that African-American looters are killed en masse during the unrest. In order words, despite claiming to be in support of this demographic’s interests, they’re actually more than eager to sacrifice them in pursuit of “the cause’s” “greater good”, as they conceive it. Even so, that “cause” is at risk of backfiring since these nationwide destabilizations might only improve Trump’s odds of re-election on a law and order platform.

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Andrew Korybko

Andrew Korybko is a Moscow-based American political analyst. He specializes in the relationship between the US strategy in Afro-Eurasia, China's Belt & Road Initiative, and Hybrid Warfare. His other areas of focus include South Asian affairs and the US' recent restoration of hegemonic influence in Latin America.

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