GAC MOTOR’s highly anticipated GS5, GN6 steals the show at launch in Saudi Arabia

GAC MOTOR is proud to unveil the fully upgraded GS5 & GN6 in an extraordinary “online press conference” in Saudi Arabia, and a live worldwide broadcast through YouTube and other social media platforms like AAC-APP. The new-generation SUV GS5 will be available in two versions, as will the GN6. Both these models have undergone rigorous localization testing to meet the diverse needs of local consumers. GAC MOTOR hopes that these preferential policies will enhance the experiences that the GS5 and GN6 will bring for their owners.

A new generation SUV, redefining the driving experience

In response to the unique climate environment and harsh desert terrain of Saudi Arabia, GAC MOTOR has introduce the new generation of a reengineered GS5 to this market to fulfill the daily travel needs of local residents while providing intimate and efficient driving protection for users. GS5’s unique light and shadow aesthetic design concept was implemented to reflect light when in motion and showcases the perfect balance between finesse and power.

GS5 is equipped with the third-generation TI POWER engine, with a capacity of 166 horsepower and maximum torque of 265N·m. Equipped with the latest generation of Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission, it is powerful, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly all in one package. The ace chassis is adjusted to the shortest braking distance of 34.77 meters, comparable to a similar-level sports car.Driving the GS5 can bring not only a new perspective and passion, but also the ultimate experience of shocking the senses; full firepower utilized to the maximum of providing the ultimate driving experience.

An all-star, all-rounded MPV; enjoy unlimited possibilities GN6 is designed for a “pragmatic and enterprising, happy family who enjoys life to its fullest”. While taking care of their careers, they also look forward to taking care of their families and enjoying life. A colorful life requires an all-round partner. GN6’s innovations in many aspects have superseded the limitations of the model: the appearance is sharp, the space is wide and can be flexibly changed, and smart integrated technology brings a full-featured driving experience.

To enjoy unlimited experiences is to let your imagination run free. The GN6 creates a large and spacious space, taking into account the space requirements of the second and third row passengers, it also has an ultra-wide passage of 190mm for easy access. There is also a 1100L oversized trunk, which can easily meet the needs of long-distance travel. Under the charming appearance, the GN6 is wrapped in a super-safe, super-secure frame complemented with first class safety features. The GN6 passed the strict 2018C-NCAP super five-star standard with flying colors. Coupled with the high-strength steel that covers up to 95% of the car, it is also equipped with six airbags, single pretension and locking tongue seat belts which makes the GN6 one of the safest vehicles out there on the road.

Enriching selection and choice through excellent quality and amazing travels Saudi Arabia is China’s largest economic and trade partner in the Middle East and the largest vehicle import market in the Middle East. Since entering the Middle East market in September 2013, GAC MOTOR has become one of the most popular Chinese brands among Middle Eastern consumers with its excellent quality and strength.

Now, with the entrance of the GS5 and GN6 in Saudi Arabia, GAC MOTOR will build a bridge and bond for the people of China and Saudi Arabia to deepen understanding and seek business opportunities through high-quality automotive products and world-class services. It also laid the foundation for further launching newer models in the future and maximizing the choices of Saudi consumers.

Today, with the listing of GS5 & GN6, GAC MOTOR will expand the choice of cars for Saudi consumers through high-quality automotive products and excellent customer services and further enhance its industrial networks in the Middle East. The company is now present in 26 countries in the world’s five major regions. In the future, GAC MOTOR believes in the development path of “dual-track advancement and global coverage”, with the goal of “world-class brand and global enterprise”, create a world-influential Chinese brand image, and continue to create an unforgettable mobile life for global consumers.

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Ghazanfar Ali Khan

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