Is Donald Trump preparing an Orwellian government for 2024?

Donald Trump’s presidential term was marked by extreme doses of volatility due to his paranoid personality, although the leitmotif of his mandate was to implement a Presidential State with clear autocratic overtones, an Orwellian form of government that could crystallize after the Presidential Elections of 2024.

Trump and the autocracy

Autocracy, from the Greek autos (for itself) and kratos (power or government), would be the form of government exercised by a single person with absolute and unlimited power, a kind of endogenous parasite of other government systems (including the so-called democracy formal), that starting from the chrysalis of a partisan proposal chosen through free elections, coming to power metamorphoses into a Presidential leader with clear autocratic overtones (inflexible and authoritarian), which corroborates Lord Acton’s thesis “Power tends to corrupt and absolute Power corrupts absolutely ”. The autocracy would therefore be a kind of invisible dictatorship supported by solid cohesion strategies (mass manipulation and cult of the leader), elements that converged in the Trump presidency after engulfing the Republican Party.

Trump’s electoral strategy was based on the technique of manipulation of the masses exposed by Edward L. Bernays in his book “Crystallizing Public Opinion”, in which he unravels the brain mechanisms of the group and the influence of propaganda as a method to unify your thinking. Thus, according to L. Bernays, “the mind of the group does not think, in the strict sense of the word. Instead of thoughts it has impulses, habits and emotions. When deciding, his first impulse is usually to follow the example of a leader he trusts ”. Thus, his propaganda was directed not to the individual subject but to the Group in which the personality of the one-dimensional individual is diluted and becomes wrapped in fragments of false expectations created and common longings that sustain it. This strategy was designed by his advisor Steve Bannon who transmitted the essential points of the populist ideology: short and xenophobic messages on social networks, cult of the leader and use of fake news to plunge the population into existential doubt and whose first effect harmful was the settlement of the paradigm in force in recent decades (Theory of “politically correct”).

Donald Trump’s paranoia

Donald Trump’s personality would fit fully into the medical description of the disorder known as paranoid psychosis because his thinking is rigid and incorrigible: he does not take into account the opposite reasons, he only collects data or signs that confirm the prejudice to turn it into conviction and even if it is suffering from said delusional disorder would be quite functional and does not tend to show strange behavior except as a direct result of the delusional idea (construction of the Wall with Mexico). In the specific case of Trump, we would be facing a typical case of megalomaniac paranoia, a delusion of grandeur that causes the individual to believe himself endowed with extraordinary talent and power because the deities have chosen him for a high mission (restore the White Power in a society in which demographic evolution will cause the white population to be a minority in the scenario of 2043). Another feature of his personality would be his histrionics that prompts him to “attract public attention and be reckless in his statements without caring about the opinion of others due to his evident lack of morality.”

Trump’s paranoia would have been aggravated by being affected by the so-called “hydris syndrome” cited by the English doctor and politician David Owen in his work “The Hybris Syndrome: Busch, Blair ant the Intoxication of Power.” This term comes from the Greek word “hybris” which means excess and which would have its paradigm in the attempt to apply the Insurrection Law that would entail the use of the Army that would be framed in its electoral motto (“The President of Law and Order”) . However, the attempt to militarize the entire country would have caused concern in the dominant establishment and was reflected in the statements of Secretary of Defense Mark Sper, who was against the application of the Insurrection Law after stating that “racism it is real in the country and we must do everything possible to recognize it, stand up to it and eradicate it ”. The media irruption of the former Secretary of Defense of the Trump Administration, the former General of the Navy, James Mattis acquired special relevance when he accused Trump of “trying to divide us and of the need to unite without him, taking advantage of the forces inherent in our civil society”.

Is Trump preparing an Orwellian government?

Trump flatly refused to accept the results of the Presidential Elections in which Joe Biden was elected and continued to feed the theory of electoral fraud on social networks, but after the failure of his judicial offensive, he would have decided to give a coup to prevent the certification of the electoral results that proclaimed the winner of Joe Biden in collusion with the security commands of the Capitol as well as several federal agencies. Thus, in the assault on the Capitol by Trumpist mobs harangued by Trump, a group of 21 uniformed and military-trained people infiltrated whose objective would be to provoke a Power vacuum after eliminating the Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris as well as the Vice President Mike Pence, turned into a black beast of the Trumpists after allowing Congress to certify the results of the Elections and being accused by Trump of “not having the courage to do what he should have done to protect our country and our Constitution.”

This vacuum of Power would be taken advantage of by Trump to declare the State of Alarm and an autocratic Government but after the well-known failure, the Democrats opened a new front against him to achieve his total disqualification from any public office through a new impeachment of which Trump again It emerged unscathed due to the inanity of the Republican Party and after that, American democracy was mortally wounded and Trump continued to preserve his charisma intact among his voters. Given Biden’s wear after the Afghanistan fiasco and the persistence of the health pandemic, the Republican victory in the 2022 midterm elections would not be ruled out, which would anticipate a triumphant return of Trump in the 2024 Presidential elections, which will mark a historic milestone as it will represent the end of the sui generis formal American democracy and the beginning of an Orwellian form of government, which will draw from the sources of the paternalism of the soft dictatorships and will be characterized by the cult of the leader, the use of fake news to engulf the population in existential doubt and the vigilance and strict control of political dissent.

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