Is the US preparing a coup against Putin?

In his first term as President, Putin achieved the defenestration of the primitive ruling class from the time of Yeltsin (oligarchs), a corrupt mafia clique equivalent to a mini-state within the Russian State (36% of the great fortunes would concentrate in their hands the equivalent to 25% of GDP, proceeding to its replacement by subjects of proven loyalty to their person, without political whims and with the sole desire for quick profit.

Putin would have achieved the disappearance of the opposition typical of democratic countries and the establishment of the ruling party: a political doctrine that combines the expansionist ideas of Russian nationalism, the blessings of the all-powerful Orthodox Church, the priceless services of the FSB (successor of the KGB), the exuberant monetary liquidity achieved by the energy companies (GAZPROM) and part of the Khrushchevian ideology symbolized in a Presidential power with clear autocratic overtones. government based on solid strategies of cohesion (mass manipulation through tight control of the media), the repression of refractory minorities, the cult of personality and ideological dogmatism.

Is the US preparing a coup against Putin?

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has staged a return to the recurring endemism of the Russia-US Cold War based on the “action-reaction” principle, with the US implementing the Kentian strategy in the economic field. Said strategy would drink from the sources of the theory exposed by Sherman Kent in his book “Strategic Intelligence for North American World Policy” and published in 1949 where he anticipated that “war is not always conventional: in fact, a large part of war, remote and closest, has always been carried out with non-conventional weapons: […] political and economic weapons”. Later he adds that the instruments of economic warfare “consist of the carrot and the stick”: “the blockade, the freezing of funds, the ‘boycott’, the embargo and the blacklist on the one hand; subsidies, loans, bilateral treaties, barter and trade agreements on the other”. This doctrine would be reflected in the recent implementation of sanctions against Russia that seek to achieve its financial starvation and economic suffocation that leads to a default or suspension of payments coupled with stratospheric inflation that will cause an unaffordable cost of living for Russian society and that could lead to a Color Revolution against Putin.

Likewise, with Joe Biden we could witness the return of the geopolitical theses of George Kennan, a US diplomat and adviser in the 1940s and an ideologue of the so-called containment policy of the USSR, who stated that “saying that the overthrow of the regimes hostile to the US is the main objective of the US intelligence services, it is an open secret”, a doctrine that could be reflected in the plot that is being developed against Putin. Thus, the collapse of the ruble and the foreseeable economic ruin to which Russia will be doomed after the imposition of Western sanctions, could lead the oligarchs to take Putin for granted and, consequently, create an endogenous plot with the confessed objective of weaken the once absolute power of Putin in the Party and in the Administration and later achieve his political defenestration through a bloodless coup.

Said plot would be attributable to the exiled ex-oil businessman Khodorkovsky (Open Russia) and would have the collaboration from within the billionaire and personal friend of Putin, Arcady Rotenberg, as well as the President of Gazprom Alexei Miller and the President of the oil company Rosneft, Igor Sechin who will move their pawns strategically located in key positions in the Administration, Mass Media, FSB and Army to, after an intense media campaign against Putin, get the Russian Supreme Court to formally accuse him of the same charges with which he beheaded the clique oligarch: abuse of power, corruption and tax crimes, cult of personality and political errors, reviving the coup against Khrushchev and his replacement by Leoniv Brezhnev (1964).

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Germán Gorráiz López

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