Biden and Soros on the hunt for the Russian white whale?

Wright Mills in his book “The Power Elite” (1956), indicates that the key to understanding North American restlessness would be found in the over-organization of its society. Thus, establishment would be “the elite group formed by the union of the political, military, economic, university and mass media sub-elites of the United States”, pressure lobbies that would be interconnected through a restless alliance based on their community of interests and directed by military metaphysics. This concept is based on a military definition of reality and that would have transformed the economy into a permanent economic war and whose paradigm would be the Rockefellers by participating in the financial, military and Jewish industry lobbies and one of whose members, David, would be the promoter of Trilateral Commission” (TC) in 1973.

Until Eisenhower, the CIA was only the central intelligence organization for the United States government and was behind multiple tasks of training insurgents and destabilizing governments contrary to Pentagon policies, but the military and financial lobbies (both engulfed by the Jewish looby) could not resist the temptation to create a de facto government that would manipulate the ins and outs of power, resulting in the appearance of a new entity (the military-industrial complex, in Eisenhower’s words), refractory to public opinion and control of the United States Congress and Senate).

Currently, the Company would have been transmuted into the so-called Department of National Security (Homeland Security) and 17 new heads would have been born from the hydra-CIA in the form of intelligence agencies that would make up the US Intelligence Community (the Fourth Branch of the Government according to Tom Engelhardt), pathogenic agents of a totalitarian nature and turned into a parallel state, a true power in the shadows engulfed by the “Club of the Islands” of George Soros and that would have conspired against Putin.

Biden and Soros on the hunt for the Russian white whale?

Joe Biden’s harsh statements about Russia (“Putin is a war criminal”) and the implementation of sanctions to achieve economic suffocation and financial starvation of Russia as a result of the Ukrainian crisis have staged the arrival of Cold War 2.0 and the return of the geopolitical theses of George Kennan who stated that “saying that the overthrow of regimes hostile to the US is the main objective of the US intelligence services is an open secret”, which would be symbolized in the blunder of Biden by stating that “Putin does not deserve to be in power.”

Putin is aware of the new action-reaction dynamic in which Russian-American relations will be involved from now on (Cold War 2.0) and that will result in the intensification of the US-Kentian strategy to suffocate the Russian economy. Said strategy would drink from the sources of the theory exposed by Sherman Kent in his book “Strategic Intelligence for North American World Policy” and published in 1949 where he anticipated that “war is not always conventional: in fact, a large part of war, remote and closest, has always been carried out with non-conventional weapons: […] political and economic weapons”.

Later he adds that the instruments of economic warfare “consist of the carrot and the stick”: “the blockade, the freezing of funds, the ‘boycott’, the embargo and the blacklist on the one hand; subsidies, loans, bilateral treaties, barter and trade agreements on the other”. This doctrine would be reflected in the recent implementation of sanctions against Russia that seek to achieve its financial starvation and economic suffocation that leads to a default or suspension of payments coupled with stratospheric inflation that causes an unaffordable cost of living for Russian society and that later lead to a Color Revolution against Putin.

In the event that this strategy fails, we could witness the return of the geopolitical thesis of George Kennan, diplomat and adviser to the US in the 1940s and ideologue of the so-called containment policy of the USSR, who stated that “saying that the The overthrow of regimes hostile to the US is the main objective of the US intelligence services, it is an open secret”. Said doctrine could have its expression in a future plot against Putin that would have the paternity of the so-called “Club of the Islands” with assets close to 10 Trillion Dollars and whose visible head according to the Russian spy Daniel Estulin would be the financier and expert designer of “color revolutions”, George Soros.

Soros would count on the help of the exiled and former oil businessman Khodorkovsky, creator of open Russia, to move his pawns strategically located in key positions in the Administration, Mass Media, FSB and the Army to implement a bloodless coup against Putin, reviving the coup against Khrushchev (1964) and thus the obsessive dream of Soros and the Open Society Foundation (OSF), of achieving the submission of Russia, would be fulfilled, because according to Tyler Durden in the Zero Hedge portal, Russia would be for George Soros the “white whale that has been trying to hunt for decades”.

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Germán Gorráiz López

Germán Gorráiz López is a political analyst writing on economic and geopolitical issues. His articles appear in a number of publications in Europe and the United States.

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