What is the Fourth Branch of the US government up to?

Wright Mills, in his book “The Power Elite” (1956), indicates that the key to understanding North American restlessness would be found in the over-organization of its society. Thus, establishment would be “the elite group formed by the union of the political, military, economic, university and mass media sub-elites of the United States”, pressure lobbies that would be interconnected through “a restless alliance based on their community of interests and directed by military metaphysics”, a concept that is based on a military definition of reality and that would have transformed the economy into a permanent economic war and whose paradigm would be the Rockefellers by participating in the financial, military industry and Jewish lobbies and one of whose members , David would be the promoter of Trilateral Commission” (TC) or Trilateral (1973).

On the other hand, it should be remembered that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created in 1947 by Harry Truman, replacing the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to investigate administrative and fiscal files without the need for judicial authorization and with the initial philosophy of providing the President with a second point of view elaborated by civilians as opposed to that provided by the military of the National Security Agency (NSA). Until Eisenhower, the CIA was only the central intelligence organization for the United States government and was behind multiple tasks of training insurgents and destabilizing governments contrary to Pentagon policies, but the military and financial lobbies (both engulfed by the Jewish looby) could not resist the temptation to create a de facto government that would manipulate the ins and outs of power, resulting in the appearance of a new entity (the military-industrial complex, in Eisenhower’s words), refractory to public opinion and control of the United States Congress and Senate).

Eisenhower himself, a year before the end of his term, gave a premonitory speech of the subsequent mutation of the initial “Campus” to the Shadow Government that currently protects American democracy and to which all elected Presidents are hostages democratically: “In government councils, we have to be vigilant against the acquisition of illegitimate influence, whether projected by the military-industrial complex or not. The risk of the development of usurped power exists and will persist. We will never allow the weight of this conjunction threaten our liberties or democratic processes.” For his part, Kennedy, in a speech at Columbia University on November 14, admits that “there are strong pressures from power groups in the USA to turn the position of President into something merely figurative” and so on November 21, 1963, he was forced to sign executive order 11490, “which allows in case of emergency to provide the government with measures as exceptional, even for any dictatorship “and shortly before leaving for Dallas he commented to his intimate advisers: “We have to face the CIA…”, while secretly preparing a meeting with Fidel Castro.

All this meant a clear order to the CIA, true holder of power in the shadows and deeply entrenched in all the US power apparatuses, so its leaders proceeded to the gestation of an endogenous plot that was responsible for the Coup de Mano against the democratic legality of the American political system and which culminated in the Kennedy assassination (Dallas, 1963). Said plot would be a true work of labyrinthine engineering that would have as brains the aforementioned paraofficial CIA and as necessary collaborators the anti-Castro exile in Miami and its connections with the Mafia and Hoover’s FBI, Lee Harvey Oswald as the scapegoat and exercise of distraction to deceive the bloodhounds and as collateral damage the birth of a political system protected by the Fourth Power, since then all the successive elected Presidents of the USA have been held hostage.

With George W. Bush, a true virtual coup d’état takes place that would have its trigger in the shocking attack on the Twin Towers (known as 9/11), attributed to Al Qaeda, since then the fight against the Axis of Evil has been implemented ( Iraq, Iran and North Korea) as the leitmotif of the politics of his disastrous mandate and incidentally enthroning Bin Laden as an icon of the Evil Empire. Thus, a month after the 9/11 attack, the government of George W. Bush secretly decided to annul one of the main constitutional protections of this country (habeas corpus) through the law known as the USA-Patriot Act under the justification of his “fight against” terrorism “according to official documents revealed at the end of 2005 in a series of Reports in the New York Times and recently said newspaper revealed the existence of a highly classified wiretapping program to monitor emails and phone calls around the world for patrons. Suspicious nes, natural heir to the counter-intelligence unit created by Rumsfeld and known as Talon.

Likewise, the aforementioned newspaper reported the existence of the most sophisticated electronic espionage network in the world (the so-called PRISM or Big Brother program), programs both approved by the US Congress at the request of the Bush Administration in 2007 but which apathetic inertia continued under Obama. Thus, according to an investigation by the Washington Post, since 2002 the Strategic Support Office (SSB) was established, which worked clandestinely without legal limitations and under the orders of the Secretary of Defense, Ronald Rumsfeld, and among whose actions would be the bloody episodes of violation of Human Rights in Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo, which will go down in history as dystopian paradigms of a real (not fictitious) nature of the 20th century.

As a culmination to this totalitarian drift of the US, there would be the signing with objections by Obama of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which allows military authorities the indiscriminate detention of US citizens anywhere in the world (without specifying the charges imputed to him nor the length of detention), Obama reserving his personal interpretation of section 1021 of said Law to, in his words, “ensure that any authorized detention will be carried out in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of war” as well as the resumption of the “Phoenix Program”. This program (started in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks and kept secret from the US Congress and directed by Cheney to eliminate al-Qaeda leaders through selective assassinations), with the media success of the death of Bin Laden at the hands of an elite SEAL commando in May 2011 (Operation Spear of Neptune) and the subsequent remodeling of said Phoenix program in the form of surgical interventions with the use of “killer drones”, managed directly by the CIA to keep them opaque to the “mass media” and by extension to North American society.

At present, the military-industrial complex would have been transmuted into the so-called Department of National Security (Homeland Security) and from the primitive hydra-CIA 17 new heads would have been born in the form of intelligence agencies that would make up the US Intelligence Community ( the Fourth Branch of the Government according to Tom Engelhardt), pathogenic agents of a totalitarian nature and turned into a parallel state and true shadow power. With this, the prophetic words of the considered “Father of the Constitution” James Madison would come true, who in number 47 of the Federalist essay, expresses “the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judicial, in the same hands and if it is hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, it can be equated to the very definition of tyranny.

Given the current division of American society into two symmetrical and irreconcilable halves, it is presumable that the Fourth Branch of the Government will use its resources to achieve that the The next President of the USA implants an Orwellian Government that will drink from the sources of paternalism of soft dictatorships and will be characterized by the cult of the leader, the use of disinformation and the Orwellian surveillance of the non-white population and of political dissidence, which de facto it would be an autocratic government or a kind of invisible dictatorship based on solid strategies of cohesion (manipulation of the masses and the cult of Leader).

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Germán Gorráiz López

Germán Gorráiz López is a political analyst writing on economic and geopolitical issues. His articles appear in a number of publications in Europe and the United States.

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