Iranian women will set matters right

The moribund regime will not escape certain imminent death, given you do not hammer a deal with mob rule

By Nicki Shahriari 

In the end, “when in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes,” one can only reap what s/he cultivates; what did the Islamic Republic of Iran’s brutal regime sow? The seeds of hatred. Decades of pent-up fury at the evil-natured regime and its cruel Supreme Leader has resulted in the uprisings. Masses of citizens are chanting the rallying cry “women, life, freedom,” which is profoundly meaningful to audiences around the globe. Protests are gaining momentum in the streets. The corrupt officers, the uniformed and plainclothes criminals in disguise, who have name tags as the members of the mobilization of the oppressed, disgrace to the human race though, are causing the blood to spill into the gutters of the mother of civilization, Iran, from KHORASAN to KHUZESTAN and KURDISTAN and from AZERBAIJAN to BALUCHISTAN. The world is watching, and human rights SHALL matter. The medieval regime, a threat to civilization, is breathing its last. Protestors, the authentic voice of Iran, are challenging the reign of terror and relentless evil in order for real change to evolve where the most end values, i.e., love and happiness, and peace and integrity, can replace brutality. It will lead the people of Iran to international engagement – to reconcile their ideals with reality. The only “dialogue” acceptable to the people of Iran is the “regime change” to bring Iran to a safe home of democracy and political secularism. It calls for a separation of religion from politics. “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

Mob rule involves systemic corruption and terrorism. They massacre their citizens. The Principlists coerce Iranians “to live differently.” The other political factions, purporting to be Reformists and Moderates, chose to be a limb of a deceitful theocracy of the conservatives. They were only a reflection of the original, the Principlists. They have been trying their best year-round to whitewash for almost half a century. Their “virtuous” signals protected the regime from the breakup. Now, they show indifference toward slaughtering our women and children and send underhanded posts full of falsities to support the bloodbath. The wickedness at the heart of the corrupt administration has been publicly exposed in detail. The worn-out scaffolding of their corrupt religious system is crumbling quickly and at great cost to the people. Meanwhile, the insincere reformists could have a hand in reducing the bloody price of our freedom sooner if they step aside. “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws that degrade freedom and human rights.” They should stop speaking for their own advantage and apologize for supporting the bloodthirsty government. If they were to do this – to break with the regime by resigning their post and supporting a national strike – they would be excellent examples to public servants. The political network with a fictitious name, the reformist party, and their despicable lobbyists, National Iranian American Council (NIAC) members, can no longer impress the world with their posts, speeches, and dishonorable lobbies. Perhaps it is not too late to rethink their position if they do not hold to the oligarchy’s course anymore. The playing “poor me” plus referring to “dialogue” are antidotes given to “Sohrab,” the legendary warrior from the “Shahnameh,” too late. They all have significantly failed to comply with dignity and humanity.

The least more than five million Iranians living abroad, suffering from expatriation, say they can do to salute thousands of Iranian citizens who gave their dear lives for freedom would be they would be united in not letting the corrupt regime renegotiate with superpowers again. Protestors are urging the greater cooperation from the free world. Iranians require no interference as occurred in the past except challenging the free world to engage in observing the moral principles, beginning with a) demanding the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience in the Iranian jails, b) providing protestors with tools to circumvent state surveillance and censorship – if they could speak out to the world, they might escape the carnage, c) designating the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization worldwide, d) expelling Iran’s ambassadors from embassies and international organizations, e) banning all members and officials of the Islamic regime and their families from entering the rest of the world, and f) blocking the regime’s participation in celebrating international solidarity and peace. As an immediate action, FIFA could ban Islamic Republic’s participation in the upcoming World Cup, given the regime’s brutal treatment of our children, women, and athletes, and their drone supply used upon Ukraine.

Soon, credible leaders will be given the opportunity to institutionalize the laws establishing cyclic sovereignty of qualified leaders who would govern with a priority for human rights. They will turn it into healthy interaction and perfect competition, and their hearts will beat for the sustainable development of Iran. They will create new models to place national happiness and the mitigation and conservation of the environment at the forefront of their policies and practices. It is understood that the transition processes to democracy cannot happen overnight. A realistic approach will be on the agenda, outlining appropriate patterns for the political ecosystem of Iranian society. This dawn will be the first experience of civil and political freedom, and indeed of religion. There would be no room for racialism, the roots of aversion and disgust. In place of going to extremes, they are bringing the international community together, connecting minds to create a better future for Iran with solutions to the fundamental challenges of the Middle East. The attainment of true enlightenment achieves with indulgence. The deeply-rooted medieval dissension of different sects of the religion MUST not set one against the other, especially the intricate problem of the proxies, the criminal parasites of the regional crop, nestled into the warm bed of Shiite and Sunnite, SHALL be purged.

The thought of the “Islamic Republic” was a delusive impression that it had no wings and could fly! Iranians are not deterred by the ISIS scenarios plotted by the current interior ISIS regime against Iran’s territorial integrity when the regime is no longer in power. The moving train of the “constitutional revolution of Iran” started to run in 1905, opening the long way for fundamental change, heralding “modern values” of a new age. The totalitarianism of the Islamic Republic was just an imported short-term obstacle in Iranians’ progressive trajectory, which will soon be removed by their intrepid pioneers, the lovely Iranian women, who intended to stand firm to determine their fate.

However, it will not be narrowed down to the advocacy of women’s rights. Women’s rights would be one of the legs upholding the balance. It will comprise all socio-political movements including the fight against gender stereotypes. It will embody democratic ideals. It will incorporate various views to embrace the opportunities for real reforms to build up, enrich, and beautify Iran.

Iranian women will be excellent examples for women across the Middle East. They will be regarded as deserving and free. They will bring glory to Iran again.

Nicki Shahriari is a Canadian Iranian, a mother and wife, and a protestor against discrimination and brutality in Iran, who is glad that can speak with complete freedom in a free environment now.

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