Speaker Aziz Duwaik accuses Mahmoud Abbas of betrayal

The Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Aziz Duwaik accused president Mahmoud Abbas in betrayal of national interests of Palestine. Being a representative of the radical political party Hamas, Duwaik alleges that his political allies at Al-Arikh prison are being tortured with purported authorization of the leadership of Palestine and specifically, Mahmoud Abbas who is the head of political movement Fatah. Hamas is also irritated by the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian talks between Fatah and Israeli leadership. Duwaik stated that the political leadership of the West Bank is subordinated to Israel rather than to the Palestine and political arrests of Hamas activists run counter to the will of Palestinian people.

Hamas has unilaterally ruled Gaza since 2007 and intends to subjugate the West Bank as well. Until 2011, Fatah and Hamas have been in a virtual state of war following the capture of Gaza by Hamas and killing of Fatah followers in the midst. Radical members of Hamas refuse to accept Abbas as president of Palestinian Authority and insist on handing over his duties to the Speaker Duwaik


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