Iranian nuclear program and its implications

By Zarnaba Tahir

Iran is going to be nuclear by challenging the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). She has not withdrawn from NPT yet. As, we know that the NPT is the agreement between the states for the prohibition of nuclear weapons. Despite of its membership of the NPT it has started its nuclear weapons program which is creating sense of chaos and Iran has to face many sanctions. Before, Iran the North Korea has also started its nuclear program by withdrawing from NPT. This is the alarming situation for the survival of the NPT because other member states of NPT will also start their nuclear weapons program.

As, we know that the states go nuclear because they want hegemony, superiority and for the very important for deterrence. If we see in the South Asian region there are two nuclear powers and both are rivals the mini cold war is between two states. The Iran is going to be nuclear because of its regime security, for international prestige and influence and for its own interests. If Iran goes nuclear then it may have many policy implications. Other P5 states have to accept its program and have to lift sanctions. The Iranian leaders will not accept any nuclear until USA assures them that it will not affect its regime. Iran will retaliate aggressively if its nuclear facilities attacked. Iran is producing its nuclear weapons for safety and security. It also wants superiority in the region. But it has implications for its region.

Now, we have to see either it will bring positive aspects or negative aspects for other nuclear weapons states. The USA which is the greater nuclear power than other states is going to deal with Iranian government over this issue. If Iran goes nuclear then the allies states will got benefits such as, India and Iran both are allies and they will establish their close ties. This situation will not be in the favor of Pakistan as we know that India and Pakistan are adversaries both India and Iran not only co-operate in nuclear program but in other fields as well such as in economy etc. And if Iran goes nuclear then other states the members of NPT may withdraw from the treaty. As, Saudi Arabia and Iran both are adversaries so, Saudi Arab may feel insecure and may also start its own nuclear weapons instead of relying on its allies.

The USA wants a nuclear deal with Iran which may be only in the interest of USA because it is the greater nuclear power and it is the main member of NPT so it does not want that NPT will be in danger by withdrawing from the states. But most of the states argue about NPT that it is discriminatory treaty because it gives leverage to some states like USA, Russia and China etc they are producing and securing their nuclear programs. So, USA wants to deal with Iran on this matter that it produces a peaceful nuclear energy. Because as in its nuclear policy implications it will use its power against the adversary states is they got nuclear attack so it will create the problem for other states because those states are in the nuclear umbrella other greater nuclear weapon states must have to secure and protect them from nuclear attacks.

When Iran started its nuclear program then all other states were against it. But the new government of Iran has played a very key role in the further continuation of their nuclear program. If Iran possesses nuclear weapons then it must have to make a policy for use of their nuclear weapons which will be definitely according to their own strategic environment.

Iran has to withdraw from NPT to precede its program. Every state has right to protect itself from threats and from attacks so Iran decision of the nuclear program is its in their interest so other states must not have to interfere and muddle in their internal affairs. But it may bring the negative aspects in the sense that other states whom are members of NPT will start procession of nuclear weapons.

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Zarnab Tahir

Zarnaba Tahir is a Researcher at the National Defence University in Islamabad, Pakistan. She can be reached at [email protected].

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