Staged play in Baluchistan

By Anam Tirmazi

Baluchistan, largest and resources rich province of Pakistan hold many importance not only for Pakistan but other states of this region. From last few years Baluchistan is burning in the fire burn by Baloch insurgents.  Blame game is going on between Baloch insurgents and Pakistan Army. Baloch rebels starts uprising which poses threats to National solidarity and security of Pakistan. Sometimes it seems next to impossible to decide what the actual problem of Baluchistan is. Numerous targeted killings, kidnappings and bomb blasts have destroyed the beautiful and peaceful land of Baluchistan. Overall if we conclude in insurgents’ perspective Pakistan situation is not exactly different from the situation which Middle Eastern countries are facing after al-Qaida formation.

Few years back there was an impression that only the non-Balochis are being targeted in Baluchistan. As a result of this thousands of Punjabis, Mohajirs, Sindhis and people from other ethnic identities started leaving Baluchistan. But unfortunately that story took another shift and natives were start victimizing by insurgent forces. Foreign sponsor media of Pakistan started propagating the narrative which has start spreading that “Baluchistan needs separation from Pakistan”. People narrated the story of separation movement from 1960s but in actually it has started spreading when media has started this propaganda. It often prove that BLF and BLA using Indian weapons in their activities. Foreign proxies are involved in this agenda (which comprises of ground destabilization and media propagation) is a proven fact. Pakistan cannot afford to lose Baluchistan. India has its interest by separating Baluchistan as India want to get a direct way to occupy Afghanistan.
Insurgents called themselves as freedom fighters against Pakistan. But the issue is those so called freedom fighter are actual traitors those are financed by foreign elements. Recently the main insurgent of missing person drama “Mama Qadir” staged and played another story. Its seems now they adopted the strategy to hijack Pakistan educational institutes e.g LUMS Lahore, where there tried to conduct hate speech of “Mama Qadeer” against Pakistan with the help of “Taimoor Rehman” who is son of Rashid Rehman, he is the one who supported Baloch rebel activist M.Ali Talpur. So this is clear that a proper plan was there behind creating whole story of LUMS university hijack. Baloch rebels have not idea that this time they cannot easily fool the nation. If Baloch foreign rebels can hit educational institute of Punjab with convenience they can smoothly hit the educational institute of Baluchistan.

I this context one can also relate the example of murder of human right activist Sabeen Muhmud.  She was murdered right after she had organized meeting with few proven Baluchistan insurgents. Few analysts considers that whatever the cause of her murder but these insurgents are start cashing her murder by blaming Inters services of Pakistan(ISI). It is also so obvious that after the death of Sabeen Murder almost all dollars sponsor  NGO’s working in Pakistan  became so active and start blaming Pakistan agencies, not only these NGO’s but Tehrik Taliban Pakistan has also recorded his statement against Pakistan security agencies on her murder. Sudden activation of dollar’s NGO’s and TTP clears indicate the real motive behind her murder. It is most probable that those insurgents with the help of foreign proxies killed her according to a plan to defame the security agencies of Pakistan. In larger context if one analysis it will find that this fake propagation against Pakistan gives Pakistan a bad name even in International world as international media is covering this issue. Here the question arises which justifies the above arguments that Why Pakistan security agencies want the bad name of Pakistan?  Sabeen murder has used as tramp cards by foreign proxies and terrorism sympathizers against Pakistan security forces in Pakistan. Pakistan and Pakistan security forces always condemn such attacks.
After having these sorts of activities by insurgents of Baluchistan the situation is no doubt disturbing for peace and prosperity of Baluchistan. These foreign supported elements are employing all possible weapons to distort the situation; sometimes they paint the situation with horrible colors of sectarian violence and sometimes by burning buildings like the Ziyarat Residency; sometimes by killing the innocent people.

Pakistan just cannot afford to another Bangladesh by the hands of Indian. If Pakistan army is deployed over in Baluchistan, it has solely one purpose to protect the Pakistan and its nation whether they belong to Baluchistan, KPK or Kashmir. Major Powers including Iran and US, china have its own interest in capturing Baluchistan as Baluchistan is rich with natural resources. The nation needs a deeper understanding, a more unfailing approach and a stronger fortitude attitude to tackle with this propaganda of Baluchistan separation movement.

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Anam Kauser

Anam Kauser is a student of international relations and an independent researcher.

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