The Young Turks on truth about U.S. drone program: “Who are we liberating and are we liberating them from their own lives?”

Jeremy Scahill and his team from The Intercept released a story exposing the truth about the United States drone strikes. According to an interview they had with an anonymous whistleblower, the drones are not always killing intended targets but are getting a huge number of innocent civilians. The Young Turks Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian criticize the brutal drone strikes program, under President Obama, and it’s faulty use of metadata to try to kill their targets.

The drone program is actually worst than expected. Signals intelligence is used to get these ‘targets.’ Uygur explains, “Signals intelligence is a cell phone, computer IP address…it doesn’t mean that they know who they’re bombing. They’re bombing, in essence, the cell phone or the computer or whatever signal intelligence they’ve gathered they think might be attached to a terrorist.”

While the use of metadata doesn’t lead to killings in the United States, the narrative is different abroad. “We do use metadata in other countries. Countries we’re not even in war with, quite often, to kill people, to put them on a list of people we assassinate and then we kill them, or their moms, and anyone around them.”

Kasparian points out, “Consider the fact that this is exactly what leads to terrorist activity. When you’re killing innocent civilians, all of a sudden, you’re convincing innocent people to maybe join terroristic efforts against the United States.”

And since these efforts are not getting people who are part of Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, Uygur poses the question, “Who are we liberating and are we liberating them from their own lives?”

“What we want is a steady stream of war so the military industrial complex keeps on churning.”

Watch the full commentary below:

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