The Young Turks on President Obama sending troops in Syria: “This is perpetual war for perpetual peace!”

The Young Turks John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Cara Santa Maria (Talk Nerdy), and Elliot Hill (The Lip TV) break down and discuss President Obama’s decision to send special forces on the ground in Syria.

“Is this a prelude to more troops going in?” Iadarola asks, to introduce the concerns over this change in Obama’s policy. In 2013, Obama assured the American people that he would not send U.S. troops to Syria. Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, explained that the special forces will, “…train, advise, assist…” Iadarola interprets that as, “That’s always what we’re there to do. We send something like 100,000 military advisors with rifles into the country to advise them on how to point their rifles at people and pull the trigger.”

The Young Turks criticize the decision arguing that the U.S. has lost sight of its mission. Santa Maria points out how U.S. involvement adds to anti-American sentiment, “…because, of course, that’s going to happen every new bomb you drop, every new drone you send in.”

“Where is the anti-war voice?” Dore adds, “It’s because Barack Obama’s doing it…the natural contingency of people that would come together to push back against this, because it’s being done by Barack Obama, it splits the opposition.”

“There should be a loud voice, just as loud as we went into Iraq as there is going back in there now. We got to get the hell out of there. We’ve been in there almost two decades!”

Watch the full commentary below:

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