Cenk Uygur: Pentagon ignores own report. Turns out, military strikes against ISIS not working as well as advertised!

Cenk Uygur reveals Pentagon superiors doctored intelligence reports to make it seem like the fight against ISIS is improving. Turns out, the bombings and airstrikes aren’t as successful as reported. According to the New York Times, “In the revised documents, the Iraqi Army had not retreated at all. The soldiers had simply ‘redeployed.’” Supervisors changed the conclusions to give a more optimistic picture of U.S. efforts.

“It turns out, the top generals were lying!” Uygur says. He adds that in the Summer, 50 Centcom analysts spoke out about documents being altered. But the Pentagon kept saying airstrikes and bombings worked. He explains, “We didn’t retake the cities. We didn’t retake them. And every once in awhile the Pentagon will declare we’re making great progress, and then you look into the details and none of it was true!”

Uygur criticizes how these reports get edited to promote the use of the military, “The part where we say ‘The military campaign is not the answer, is not the long term answer for political and religious divides that exist inside Iraq’ that part is going to get washed out. Because the answer is always the military.”

Watch the full commentary below:

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