Sufferings of minorities in secular India

By Kashif Manzoor  

Pakistan and India are two rival states in South-Asian region. Currently, relations between both countries are becoming aggressive once again.  Recent visit of Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh was a card to spread hatred against Pakistan.  Modi openly stated that India was involved in the so called liberation movement of Bangladesh in 1971.

In context with traditional animosity between Indo-Pak both countries have fought four wars since 1947. Since Modi came into power tensions between both states are rising.  Modi government or BJP is consistently following Hindu extremist policies in the country. As India is a multi-ethnic states and such kind of policies can never become successful in it. Therefore, a great opposition is emerging against Modi’s government. Under Modi’s Hard-line policies, every minority in India is being victimize, especially Muslim community. Current Indian government, not only adapting aggressive strategic posture towards domestic Muslim minority but also towards its neighboring successive state, Pakistan. BJP hatred against Pakistan is evident through its following statement:

India has a sensitive neighborhood and there are internal security issues. There have been intrusions inside the LAC (Line of actual control), loss of squadrons of combat aircraft by the air force, witnessing of a series of accidents by the Navy, leading to a loss in its combating capability built over many decades, communal riots, Maoist attacks, increase in incidence of Pakistan backed terror groups in India, illegal immigration across the eastern border, and racists’ attacks in the national capital.

Indian union minister Mukhtair Ahmed Naqvi stated in a program on social media “If any individual think they will die without eating beef then they should go to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.” In addition to that, Naqvi said: “It is not about loss or profit. It is an issue of faith and belief. It is a sensitive matter for the Hindus,” However, Aamir Khan, an Indian actor, director and producer addressing audience at the Ramnath Goenka journalism awards. “Growing insecurity in the India worried him, Further his wife expressed that India is not safe for their children.” Furthermore, Shiv Sena’s Punjab unit announced “Slap Aamir and Earn One lac.”

India claims itself a secular state, through Mr. Naqvi’s statement, Shiv Sena’s Punjab and many more seems that they cannot bear Muslims. So currently, Indian government is projecting what kind of secularism.

In between bilateral clashes of both the countries, one with Hindu majority (India) and other with Muslim majority (Pakistan) minorities from both countries are being pissed off. Thus both sides would have to think about the betterment of their mutual relation. Government of a sovereign state has responsibility to provide basic rights of living to its each and every citizen. If minorities remain suffering in the same way, thus it would be a greater set back on the duties of a free and sovereign state.

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Kashif Manzoor

Kashif Manzoor is an intern at Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies in Islamabad, Pakistan

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