Edi Rama vs. Donald Trump! Why?

By Armir Shkurti

Recently Albanian Prime Minister has caused a diplomatic incident with the United States due to his current statements against Donald Trump.  Moreover such a terminology -‘incident’- is a euphemism which does not fully reflect what has really happened.  It must have been an evil mistake.  Albanian Prime Minister has made bitter public statements about the U.S. Presidential republican candidate Donald Trump; one of Mr. Rama’s Statements was: “I pray to God so that the American people would not elect him as president. Because if this were to happen, it would cause a great harm to the United States and it would be a serious threat to the US-Albanian relations.”

At the very same interview Edi Rama ponders – reiterates again his offensive position about Donald J. Trump, and reassures that he will keep the same position now as Prime Minister and in the future. As a result Mr. Rama’s inflammatory remarks against Mr. Trump are the official position of the Republic of Albania.  As I recall, the U.S. Government has never articulated the equivalent attitude that Mr. Rama pronounced against Mr. Trump.  Washington, DC has never issued a public statement that would exert pressure and articulate radical words equal to Mr. Rama’s totalitarian attitude; Washington has never been offensive in its comments and has never stated that:  “the appointment of prime minister X or president Y would cause a great harm in the bilateral relations between both nations.”

Let’s assume for a second that Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, in a few months from now.  Only because of Mr. Rama’s statement the US-Albanian Partnership is in danger. Albanian Prime Minister, instead of focusing on increasing transparency and demonstrate to his constituents that he has not diverted public money into his personal off-shore bank accounts, continues to stick up his nose into global matters that are not relevant to Albania’s war against poverty and organized crime.  Why does Mr. Rama act this way?

It is impossible to say today, because we do not have enough evidence, the reason why Mr. Edi Rama, under his full conscience and as Albania’s Prime Minister, makes a statement that many top politicians from Europe have hesitated to make.  At the absence of such evidence Mr. Rama was barking at the interview with Baton Haxhiu and articulating his thoughts on issues that are not his prerogative.

It was announced that Mr. Rama will be headed to the United States and is now in Washington, DC.  His close circle of advisers have announced that he will also have a meeting with President Obama.  It is obvious that in the wave of elections even the most powerful and selfish leaders of the world become very sensitive, careful, attentive, and friendly towards any help, support and possible public statements. Let’s return at the interview: within a few seconds Rama told to Mr. Haxhiu “…I have no problem to repeat what I just said…here and in any other place if needed, have no problem to repeat it in English or Albanian language if necessary…”,  “…Yes I certainly speak as Albania’s Prime Minister…”.

Mr. Haxhiu, a journalist who has been a staunch supporter of Mr. Rama raises questions that appear to be provocative, but in substance are only destined to attract attention:  “from this moment, such a statement will be spread all over the world…” because this was the substance of the purpose! To make it to the headlines; and very modestly let’s see Mr. Rama’s response: “I am not as influential and big so that my comments about Donald Trump are spread all over the world, but if this were to happen, I would be very happy.”  A few days later after this interview, Mr. Rama must have been happy because the Associated Press and New York Times and other media “made it a headline” and Mr. Rama’s statement reached every corner of the globe.  So, the scoop was that Mr. Rama will be traveling to United States and meet with President Obama.

Other comments from Mr. Rama’s visit to the White House could emerge as the following: Mr. Rama goes in the Democratic Party’s political isle as the Albanian hero, from the little country of the Eagles that is fighting Trump …or any refusal from the White House could be manipulated just like this interview given to Mr. Haxhiu and come up with explanations such as: “Diplomatic sensitivity” or “a mandatory move of the democrats in order to avoid violating the ethical standards and receive a critical voice in the Oval Office.” This is expected to happen for sure.

Perhaps it is George Soros who is arranging such a fiery statement issued by Mr. Rama?  A month ago international news media announced that Mr. Soros was investing over USD15 millions in order to stop the high rising popularity of Donald Trump in his campaign for president. It is well know that Mr. Rama’s team has deep connections with George Soros. This connection is also proved from the press conferences of Mr. Ilir Meta and Dr. Sali Berisha all the way to Mr. Erion Veliaj’s interviews on News 24 TV Channel.  Is there a possibility that Mr. Rama’s interview given to Mr. Haxhiu would be within such a context?…

Or the bargaining price is too high?  Possibly the journalist’s comment-question: “this is the most public information cable and I am convinced that they will ask you in America about this issue…and Rama’s answer was: “and I will give the same response, of course”.  This is certainly an invitation that is addressed to US Media Channels to have Rama acquire more attention when he steps into the US Soil.  It is obvious that in presidential elections campaign no one has time to go after peripheral international politicians that are only temporarily holding public office.

Very often we reach all sorts of analytical conclusions and journalistic reasoning, meanwhile the fact is that Albanian politics is even more degenerated than Mr. Rama’s statement. Only one photo! This is the principal purpose in the lives of all those considered as Albania’s statesmen: A photo!  They are ready to give up their soul in exchange of a photo with the President of the United States.  Such a photo is necessary to Mr. Rama so that he may share it with many TV-Channels; Newspapers and in the next day scream loudly stating that he has the support of the United States! So that it does not become more radioactive I am not bothering to take this analysis further, it is enough to remember the attitude of leftist Members of Parliament who had come before the media, in the recent months and stated: “this is supported by America … and this is not supported by America”, such an attitude is self explanatory when I say that Rama is looking for ONE PHOTO!

However! I would like to emphasize that all these are ideas based on the context of what has just happened, what Albanian politics is able to produce; certainly foolish statements issued by Albanian Prime Minister.   This week will pass by extremely fast, in a few days we will further understand the backburner of Rama’s inflammatory remarks. Why did he mess up with Trump?

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