Marlon Kobacker on saving energy and sustainability

One of the biggest problems the world faces is a lack of energy and sustainability. With many people believing the earth will forever be sustained they don’t think it’s urgent to worry about preserving our resources. The sad truth is that if people don’t start to make a more efficient way of using energy now they will be in for a rude awakening when the future comes. The world has a limited amount of fossil fuels which could cause many to fall into despair many years into the future. Marlon Kobacker, Director at Sustainable Future Group, has consistently emphasized the importance of utilizing an innovative and forward-looking approach to design and development in his role as a sustainability advisor, taking every opportunity to share his unique strategic vision with peers in the industry and the general public. By making a move now with electric panels, solar energy and more the world will be able to not only make energy more available but also cost less for the consumer. Finding the most efficient way to disperse energy is Kobacker’s goal, and with the help of his many supporters, that goal may easily be accomplished soon.

Why does saving energy help the world? 

Saving energy or creating it in a more efficient manner is critical. Energy that is wasted not only hurts us but hurts the planet as well. When energy is spent or not gathered efficiently more energy must be used. The more energy regularly used, the more expensive it becomes because the less of it will exist. By making sure energy is produced for free or for little cost is the ideal way to conserve valuable energy for the future.

Does water waste reduction really help when the planet has a lot of water? 

Of course, water waste reduction helps people across the world. Just because water may be available doesn’t mean it is always drinkable. Water waste is very detrimental to the environment it may be in because some people don’t have access to drinking water. Some have to walk miles just to receive a jar or gallon of water to last all day. Water is used for multiple things. Drinking, cooking and bathing are the top uses of most water my people today.

Will solar implementation eliminate energy shortages? 

Solar panels alone are a very great way to conserve energy. Although this way is ideal for the new technology available it is still not the only way to save energy and should be practiced with other methods as well. Solar panels can be placed on buildings or homes to help dramatically reduce the amount of energy used by the house or business. When it comes time to use the energy at night time such as lights and other electrical devices the home will already be fully charged from the sun rays shown during the daylight hours. Solar power is very efficient to keeping the energy up as the sun is the primary source of energy and life on earth. Without the sun plants would most likely not exist. Without plants, life could stop existing also. Well, at least life as we know it as human beings are required to have oxygen provided by the plants on earth.

How long will it take for the earth to be entirely sustained? 

The earth, unfortunately, will not be fully sustained for years to come. However, the process can be made possible a lot faster if people begin to use the multiple methods of conservation as soon as possible. Not only does this help others around the world it directly helps oneself as well.

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