The traits which define Donald John Trump

By Naqash Munir

From his spiky signatures to his risqué physical gestures, his arm-pulling handshakes to his blunt speaking skills and from having an unknown attraction to his timbre voice, he categorically conquered to prove his variety of uncertain qualities. The 70-year-old 45th President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump has become a word of mouth of many people since his run for the presidency. Each word spoken by him during his campaigns (for presidency) and up till now, has become either controversy or distrust in his vision.

The world looks down upon Trump and considers him as one with less acquaintance with governance or leadership abilities. Nevertheless, what his personality speaks for his self is rather more interesting and opposite to what ordinary world perceive to be worst. It is observed that he speaks vibrantly whatever is evolving on his mind. Still he is seen as a rude, unfriendly and a person with temper that is less likely to be accepted in a positive manner.

However, the interesting part of Trump’s personality relates more to his winning past as a business tycoon than what position he currently holds. A successful businessman and a famous TV personality in the U.S, Trump has dealt with more people before presidency than other presidents of the U.S. might have before their run. A businessman meets many sorts of people from different backgrounds and diverging interests. Interacting with a lot of people, learning from every single mind is a skill people rarely possess.

Trump carry most of the vibrant traits – thus this makes him more versatile in thinking tactically and speaking up what he perceives to be the best of his knowledge and interest. It is also apparent if he knows not about a certain thing, he does not speak of it or he rather admits he does not know it.

Interestingly Trump’s inclination and worry for a greater America became the matter of concern for whole of the world. Since his arrival in the Oval office in Washington, he has become more known to the citizens of other countries as well. For his harsh, astounding decisions and unacceptable policy contours, worldwide protest demonstrations have become a daily job. He reveals what is next from him and does not shy away from his position in many matters.

Trump is believed to have a shy personality in his early age, specifically his teenage time, he has favourably transformed his shyness to boldness (which is not a bad thing), and to very bold to say the least. In past he vaguely announced his run for the presidency more than three times. And obviously succeeded once, in 2016. He valiantly questioned former President Barrack Obama of his birth place (which Trump later withdrew and accepted Obama as being born in the United States) and also endorsed Mitt Romney for the presidency. Whereas when he formally decided to run for the president in June 2015 with the catchphrase “we will make America great again”, He won!

​For his hidden qualities, few of the psychologists rightly predicted his win in last elections due to many of his classical yet strange personality traits. However, in the years yet to come, one can surely expect some more exciting and thrilling worldly relations with the United States under the presidency of Donald John Trump.

Naqash Munir has a Master’s degree in International Relations, writes on International Affairs at and talks about societal issues in the local/international newspapers. Currently he is pursuing Master of Philosophy in International Relations.

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