Democracy after Sharif in Pakistan

By Saad Cheema

Pakistan’s Apex court disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the basis of corruption cases and furtherly court directs the National Accountability bureau (NAB) to probe House of Sharif including Finance minister who is alleged to help Nawaz Sharif in money laundering back in 90s.

The turmoil is the result of a year of political and legal drama set off by the 2016 Panama Papers leaks, which unveiled Sharif family billions of hidden assets and offshore companies.

After stepping down Nawaz Sharif appointed his successor ex Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi instead of his younger brother also Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. Many believes that it’s a right decision in order to keep the local voters and administration intact in Punjab. But also, Pakistan media reports there is agitation in the family as well.

However, after stepping down he is not letting it go easily, a new wave of criticism is seen by him and his party leader against the court’s verdict, indicating a conspiracy by establishment and Judges against him.

But current political scenario in Pakistan, disqualified Nawaz Sharif is in the mode of ‘’the state it is, I: I myself am the nation’’ (L’etat C’est moi), He is announcing to bring revolution and a true change in Pakistan in his rallies and processions, Question here is; A revolution against his own Government? Change after spending four years in the office? In his current speeches; he sounds himself a revolt, opposition, a true change bringer and his party members say ‘our real Prime minister’.

So, what’s his future plan some sources say he made contact with Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani for the amendment in the Constitution and seeking help from other mainstream political party Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) which have senate majority for removal of Article 62/63 So, he can able to undo his disqualification. But PPP co-chairman said they will not provide any support or relief to Sharif family.

That’s what democracy is in Pakistan you can amend the constitution for own interest if you have Parliament majority. Pakistanis are having so much trust on Judiciary after a such strong verdict against strong Sharif. They believe one guy is not the entire government or whole political party or high above the state justice; every political and non-political forces should move on, let this system runs and don’t ignite a chaos among the masses.

The fact that Sharif was dismissed by lawyers, rather than generals this time, is a sign that Pakistan is at last establishing a system of checks and balances against corrupt rulers. The court’s verdict marks the beginning of accountability process. Democracy in Pakistan is intact there is no danger of its derailment. His major political rival formal cricketer Imran Khan calls for ‘real democracy’ in Pakistan following Sharif dismissal.

By Saad Cheema is a researcher, who is interested in international relations. He is a Strategic Studies student focusing on global political dynamics.

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