Paraguay National Congress commemorates the 26th anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide

On October 25th, 2017, Mr. Juan Bartolomé Ramirez, member of the Honorable Chamber of Representatives, National Congress of Paraguay, presented the draft of an official resolution in recognition of the 26th Anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre, committed by the Armenian Armed Forces, during the invasion of the City of Khojaly, a part of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The official website of the National Congress of Paraguay states:

“In the regular session of the Honorable Chamber of Representatives; Mr. Juan Bartolomé Ramirez presented a draft resolution that condemns the massive atrocities committed by the Armenian Armed Forces in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh and city of Khojaly; killing the civilian people of Khojaly and committing a crime against humanity.”  The legislative initiatives of Congressman Juan BartoloméRamírez (PLRA-Amambay) have always been supported by Honorable Congresswoman Esmérita Sanchez de Da Silva (PLRA – Caaguazú), Congressman HoracioCarisimo (PLRA – Itapúa), Congressman Luis Alberto Larré Del Puerto (ANR – Itapúa) and the Paraguayan Congressman Mario Soto Estigarribia (ANR – Caaguazú).  This Congressional Bill was presented with the aim to denounce the massive crimes against humanity committed by Armenian Armed Forces, Armenian Government in Yerevan, and to commemorate the 26th Anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre in the Republic of Paraguay. According to the Communications Senior Adviser of the Honorable Chamber of Representatives, Mr. Nicolas Benitez Saguier: “with this congressional resolution and official declaration in the National Congress of Paraguay, we are strongly condemning the genocide that took place against the people of Khojaly, perpetrated in 1992 and confirms and reassures the full solidarity of Paraguayan people with the Republic of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the commemoration of the anniversary of this tragic event; the 26th anniversary of this terrible crime against humanity.”  Congresswoman Esmérita Sanchez is the first public elected official that has visited Baku, invited by the Government of Azerbaijan in September 2016. During this occasion she had various meetings with: Prof. Dr. Academician Kamal Abdullayev and Mr. RavanHasanov.  Moreover Congresswoman delivered a lecture in the Baku Slavic University and met with Chancellor NurlanaAliyeva.  In an interview given to Trend News Agency, Congresswoman Sanchez de Da Silva stated on October 15, 2015: “It is necessary to strengthen the cooperation between Azerbaijan and Paraguay, the development of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Paraguay is at the initial stage and the sides should take steps to strengthen the bilateral relations.  The opening of the embassy of Paraguay in Baku would bring great benefits to the people of the two countries.”   Paraguayan Congresswoman Esmérita Sanchez de Da Silva emphasized that Azerbaijan is represented in Latin America with an Embassy in Buenos Aires and underlined the important proactive multiculturalism policies that are undertaken by the Government of Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijan should continue pursuing the policy of promoting its culture and history, especially, in Latin America, since there are still states where the people do not know enough about this amazing country.” Moreover Congresswoman emphasized that it is critical for the international community to denounce the crimes against humanity committed by Armenian Armed Forces and invites all international governments to raise their voice against the Economic Blockade imposed against Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, from the Armenian Government (for over two decades).  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is the land of Prophet Noah, Ajami Nakhchivani (a world renowned architect) and is home of many rare cultural monuments: Momine Khatun, Gulustan Mausoleum, Sarshahar Mosque and Square in Ordubad City, and many other monuments of historical and cultural significance.

According to Dr. Gloria Barrios, an attorney by trait, “Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has a great potential of growth in sustainable tourism industry, especially attracting Latin American tourists to visit the Alinjagala Castle, Prophet Noah’s Mausoleum and appreciate bird watching in the regions of Shahrur and Ordubad, two historic landmarks that bring to the world a peculiar set of religious monuments.”

In an Interview for ABC COLOR Newspaper, Paraguayan Congressman Juan Bartolomé Ramirez stated: “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism is a special value that must be preserved and cherished throughout the world; it is the source of strengthening the bilateral partnership between Baku and Asuncion. We should work hard to strengthen the cooperation among both our nations.”

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