Geovanny Vicente Romero nominated to the Napolitan Victory Awards in Washington, DC

The Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences​™ nominates              Geovanny Vicente Romero to the Political column of the year category of the Napolitan Victory Awards 2019​, a recognition of his weekly political column on CNN.

 These awards -considered the most prestigious and coveted awards of political communication, recognize the best campaigns aimed at Spanish-speaking audiences around the world and also the experts who worked on them. In addition, professionals of this science are valued in the media, academics, technological and digital media, books and political magazines as well as the production of video and audio campaigns, among others.

 Geovanny Vicente Romero is a ​columnist for CNN based in Washington, DC. He is a political strategist, international consultant and lecturer. He has published many articles on development, human rights, governance, democracy, elections, the environment, as well as the role of women in society. Geovanny is the founder of the Dominican Republic Center for Public Policy, Leadership and Development (CPDL-RD). Geovanny has a masters degree from The George Washington University in political communications and strategic governance. 

“I am honored to receive this recognition for the work I do through my weekly column in CNN, where I analyze not only the political landscape and democracy of Latin America in the wider world, but also injustices, human rights and political equality. I am grateful that the Napolitan Victory Awards has taken into  account what we are doing. This nomination has great value for me. Also, I want to thank my readers for  their feedback and support, “said Geovanny Vicente Romero 

“This year we received an avalanche of proposals in that line whose influx exceeded the number of candidacies raised since the founding of these awards,”, manifested Jéssica Osorio, Director of Communications of the academy, who said: Geovanny Vicente Romero it is an example of the               commitment to excellence that the academy seeks to recognize each year, according to its members”. 

This 2019, the awards will be made among 47 categories. Some acknowledgments will be announced in advance, among them, that of COMPOL Women, the Global Democracy Award and the Youth Leadership               Award. CNN also congratulated Geovanny Vicente Romero on being recognized:

The Napolitan Victory Awards are named for Joseph Napolitan, widely regarded as the father of modern political consulting. Since 2012, the Napolitan Victory Awards have been held and hailed by the international media as the Oscars of Politics.  The Napolitan Victory Awards are the major international award that honors the talent and work of professionals in political communications, election campaigns, and governments. The awards also recognize exceptional contributions in digital and technological media, the press corps, academic institutions, leaders in freedom, democracy, and political excellence. The Napolitan Victory Awards are presented by The Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences​™ and the awardees are ranked and chosen by voting members of the Academy. 

The Napolitan Victory Awards will be held on April 6 in the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C., and will also stream live on ​Facebook​, sponsored by ​Auguro​  and ​Global Digital Media Services, Inc​.

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