A travesty of justice

By Sudhanshu Tripathi

Unfortunately in Bharat, we are living in such a precarious age where the voice of sanity or reason is crushed by the organised cacophony of vested interests in almost each area of human endeavour. Whether it be our society or political party or even sometimes judiciary as well, truth is always victimized by such organized groupings of obstinate and hell-bent people who ceaselessly work to suppress the truth so that it may not come out in the public. As a result, criminals, murderers, rapists, mafias, musclemen, terrorists and such many offenders always have the upper edge over the sufferers and victims of their wickedness and follies in our country. Because such criminals and terrorists are immediately assisted as well as protected by a powerful and dominant section of our society, consisting of politicians, industrial magnets and businessmen, including police, lawyers and including the possibility of Hon’ble judges, whereas the victim languishes to suffer the trauma and agony throughout mostly his of her life.

This is why, there has emerged a general perception in Bharat that criminals and offenders of law, enjoying patronage from high and mighty are rarely convicted for their offences. In general the conviction rate in our country is significantly low due to general apathy, lethargy, corruption and non-performance of the prosecution authorities. As a result they (criminals) come out clean despite having committed brutal crimes and enjoy their committed sins because a criminal, in our country, is not guilty in the eyes of law as long as he or she is not convicted. And even if offenders get convicted anyhow due to alert media or public pressure which compels the prosecution to ensure his speedy conviction, their lawyers do their best by invoking their (lawyers) legal expertise and acumen to save them from punishment, as long as possible. One can see this in the famous Nirbhaya case, wherein how their (convicted rapists) lawyer is successfully managing to exploit the legal loopholes and such via-media, in favour of these proven convicts who have already exhausted all chances of possible legal relief and mercy from everywhere.

In the same way, the rioters and hooligans who indeed wrecked havoc in many parts of the country during anti-CAA protests in the very recent past by burning public properties worth millions or more and killing several innocent people and policemen are well-protected by our so-called Hon’ble people’s representatives whose safety concerns are being euologised in the Parliament. And if a state government anyhow identifies them with the help of CCTV footages and puts their noble deeds of stone pelting, burning and killings in public places on notice boards with a view to realise the amount of the damaged or burnt properties and also to let them undergo through the obvious course of law as they are absconding and not surrendering before authorities, the Hon’ble judge questions the very proprietary of this police action under Art. 21 of the Constitution of Bharat, as it is in contravention to their (offenders) right to privacy. Isn’t it a case of travesty of justice? Several such posters or public notices are regularly posted on public forums like electronic or print media or public places to draw attention of the concerned in the larger interest of the society and maintaining rule of law in the country. Are they contrary to the spirit of the aforesaid Art. 21?  It means that criminals are to be secured by their right to privacy; but about such rights of innocent victims?

Similarly, our politicians are focussed only on their vote-banks which they don’t want to be shifted to the other’s side. This was seen many times earlier in the Parliament and also on yesterday, when the Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah was narrating the details about the action taken by the union government in the wake of the just held anti-CAA riots in New Delhi, wherein what happened was beyond imagination, as an IB official was stabbed 400 times to death and his dead body was thrown into a nullah. While the opposite parties themselves caused to begin the debate in the Parliament, they resorted to creating pandemonium so as to stall any discussion wherein the Union government may explain his government’s position to the country and also to the whole world.

Against this worsening scenario characterised by fair is foul and foul is fair, when the crisis of character looms large in all over the country and among those who are supposed to look after and manage the routine affairs according to the rule of law, then who will save the innocent and ignorant masses from all kinds of lawlessness, tumults and turmoils etc.. That is when the saviour themselves are the exploiters, then what will be the option before the sufferers? Hence, all saner elements in the society and true nationalists must unite to collectively fight the menace created by these pseudo-leaders & such politicians, business class, lawyers and police as well, so that the Truth may finally win against all odds. As is well described in the Mundakopanishad that satyamev jayate nanritam ie. Truth wins ultimately over untruth or Let Truth Prevail. This is possible as nothing is beyond human endeavour.

Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi, U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Prayagaraj (UP)

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