Bleeding Kashmir: a call for action and diplomatic offensive strategy

By Syeda Asma Hussain

Kashmir issue is the violation of international law. The recent martyrdom of Burhan Wani along with other more than 50 dead and many injured people has upped the aggression in the disputed territory once again after 1989. Tear gas and the pallet guns are damaging the eyes of the Kashmiri youth who are once again in the protest for their right of self-determination. India and the big powers are always reluctant towards a peaceful dialogue process and agitating the diplomatic relations. Human rights associations are not allowed to enter the disputed territory; so that the world can’t get the true picture of the situation. After 9/11 the whole scenario has changed and the Kashmiris are forced to take the guns; in the initial stage they started a peaceful resistance against the atrocities. In 90’s massacres in kupwara and the other cities were so on and so far.Indian never adopted international procedures to control. The abrogation of article 370, India started separating towns for the Hindu pundits.  Just diplomatic words are not needed as people were not allowed to attend the funeral of Burhan wani; ambulances were not allowed after the uprising situation in the valley. Is this a human attitude or is it not the violation of Geneva Convention? No eye-specialists are    there; international community should show their concerns. Kashmir is not dived but the people are divided in Indian –held Kashmir and the Azad Jammu Kashmir.

No bilateral peaceful relations are possible between the two states until or unless the Kashmir issues is not to be resolved. Foreign policy of Pakistan should be very clear about the Jammu Kashmir. We didn’t forget the unjudicial abduction of Maqbool Butt, Afzal Guru, Khawaja Abdul Ghani and the father of Mir vice Omer Farooq. The puppetry CM of the Jammu Kashmir has nothing to do with paramilitary forces and the forces are empowered and are increasing day by day. Pakistan should launch an effective offensive diplomacy to explain the situation to the international community. Kashmir movement is an indigenous movement and the Islamic countries must have the same viewpoint regarding the identity and their right of self-determination. We can’t deny the role big powers and hope that the sacrifices bring liberation according to their sentiments of the natives.US is trying to move towards Russia and from there towards Asia, to the warm waters of central Asia and as we have seen Us invasion in Afghanistan and still waiting to see the US-exit and the so-called End Game narrative. We can’t ignore the role of geopolitics; as US trying to curtail its rival China .There is no say of UN decisions to Modi’s government. Issue of the fundamental human rights and no right of self-determination is the core issue of the disputed territory. There is a lack of political will and the failure of US-lobbying to resolve the issue. There is a trust deficit among the Pakistani government and the general Public. Global awareness is mandatory and Pakistan must have to send competent delegates to communicate the issue on the international forums. Special envoy to the Kashmir and the other parts of the world should be appointed to advocate the issues to the outer world.

A discussion by  All Parties Hurriat Conference (APHC) in collaboration with Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR) & YFK-International Kashmir Lobbying Group has been conducted on 19th July 16.The session was attended by Diplomats, politicians, government official, Media professionals and the members of civil society. The political leadership that has attended the event was enlisted as Molana Fazl ur Rehman, Senetor Sheeren Rehman, Raja Zafar ul Haq, Samia  Raheel Qazi, Aijaz ul Haq. Ambassador Masood khan and the prominent APHC figures such as Ghulam M.Safi and Altaf Hussain Wani has also attended the session .Hamid Meer has given a three point agenda that was applauded by all of the factions present there at the session and his recommendation were also been instructed by the Raja Zafer ul haq to be included in the final press –release that has be issues and to be send to international community by the foreign Office.

A prominent APHC figure Ghulam Muhammad safi has started the session with his opinion based on the current uprising that has been upheld since the Eid ul fitar; he commented that it’s not enough to condemn the Indian hostilities of the paramilitary forces as it is the time to activate machinery to work for the Kashmiris who are fighting for their right of self-determination. He emphasized on the UN Secretory Gen.Banki Moon should initiate efforts by using their good offices to address the current humanitarian dilemma in occupied Kashmir.

Evacuation of paramilitary troops from the occupied Kashmir is the need of the hour; house arrests should be abolished from the prominent Political leaders who are fighting for the liberation of the disputed territory since the six decades. Media should play its pivotal role to highlight the current situation internationally; so that international community should know the atrocities of the Kashmiri people who are sacrificing their lives to liberate their mother land. All of the international organizations like OIC, SAARC, UN, EU and other humanitarian Associations should be stimulated for the pious cause for our brethren Kashmiris. UN and the other big Powers should play their role and must force the Indian government to evacuate Kashmir and to stop their brutalities on Kashmiris.

Kashmir is the most militarized area on the planet earth; no sincere efforts has been done yet and the RAW’s involvement in Pakistan’s internal issues is also a hindrance to the efforts by Pakistan. It’s an issue of right of self–determination; so Pakistan should adopt a bold and a clear policy with respect to Kashmir. A joint session of parliament should be called off.

“All parties’ conference and the international level conference is required off; International law experts and media personals should be invited to sort out the permanent solution to this problem”, Hamid Meer.

UN stance on the Kashmir should be clear and bold; we have seen UNSC role in recent Niece incident but no response with respect to Kashmir has yet been  seen by its permanent and temporary memebers.In the past while talking of the international politics we were an allay to Us and the India used to be an allay of USSR. So the two big economies has used both states for their vested interests and that lead towards an extreme wave of tension to the regional rival states. In this regard the role of overseas Pakistanis and Paki-American community should not be ignored. Ban on the means of communications should be abolished at the first place; so that the outer world may get the idea about current synergy in the disputed valley of Kashmir. National Stance should be observed and the slogan may represent a clear view “Abhi nhi to kabhi nahi”

The recent act of state terrorism is an alarming situation but the world powers are not paying the attention towards new wave of hostility in Indian –held Kashmir. State- terrorism is prevailing since decades by the Indian government which is the so-called advocate of secularism. It’s not just a bilateral issue; it’s a political problem that should be addressed according to the international laws and by Political insight. Main stream consensus is necessary and the diplomatic relations should be according to the wishes of the Pakistani and our brethren Kashmiris. The use of pellet gun that is a very lethal weapon should be stopped as soon as possible as large no of young Kashmiris are becoming victim of this weapon. National narrative is required off and the efforts at international level are to be made to sort out the permanent solution to this disputed territory according to the wishes and sentiments of the Kashmiri people.

In a nutshell we should strive to pressurize the Indian government to stop inhuman acts in the disputed territory. There should be no use of bullets and the pallet guns. We can’t solve a problem on a gun point as the political dialogue with all of the factions of Kashmiri people and the concerned states is to be required off. Kashmir issue is to be solved according to the wishes and the sentiments of the Kashmiris and the barbaric inhuman policy of the Indian government should be ended .There must be a respectful conduct towards the Kashmiri people’s sentiments and viewpoints. If the Kashmir is the integral part of India then why the Indian government is not listening to their voices against the grievances? On the part of Pakistan a bold diplomatic offensive strategy is required off according to the wishes of our brethren Kashmiris.

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Syeda Asma Hussain

Syeda Asma Hussain is an analyst at CSCR (Center for Strategic & Contemporary Research) & Stratagem, freelance journalist, and development communication consultant.

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