India: Tamil Nadu assembly could be dissolved and fresh poll held to ascertain the popular support for Sasikala or Panneerselvam

The AIADMK MLAs in Tamil Nadu, supposedly under the secret custody of Sasikala now, who is keen to takeover both the ruling party and government to make big profits in her business as well as of close allies have disgraced their mandate given to them by the people of Tamil Nadu as they cannot be trusted. “Mini mother” Sasikala is angry that Panneerselvam has stopped supporting her secret agenda for the state and so she wants Panneerselvam removed as CM.

How does Sasikala think she is popular Jayalalithaa or her equal? Generally Tamils do sympathize with her dirty efforts to fool the public and assume power in the state. Until Jayalalithaa’s death Sasikala was nowhere but she came occupy space near Jayalalithaa’s dead body as it was kept for public view and since then she has on hr way to power by using those MLAs and ministers whom Jayalalithaa did not promote as Acting CM.

Sasikala is keen to form the government and is pressurizing the Governor and central government to help her swearing in. Senior BJP leader seems to sympathize with Sasikala and has warned the governor that he would file a case against him in the court. Sasikala has also warned the Governor of “change of political course” if he continues to ignore her claim to enter the Madras Fort- the seat of state government.

Is Sasikala taking revenge on Jayalalithaa now that she is gone and cannot come back?

There cannot be second opinion that people of Tamil Nadu had given the AIADMK the mandate to rule the state solely because of their trust in and powerful campaign of former CM and AIADMK general secretary and not for Sasikala’s unilateral takeover of the party and her strenuous efforts to replace CM Panneerselvam as the head of the government.

Neither Sasikala nor Panneerselvam could claim heir to Jayalalithaa, though the latter has been proffered by the Jayalalithaa to run the government. But Sasikala and those ministers who were feeling insulted by Jayalalithaa for superseding their seniority in picking a junior Panneerselvam to head the head the government. Sasikala is exploiting the   hatred of CM Panneerselvam

While Panneerselvam was a part of Jayalalithaa’s government for many years and the Acting CM in the absence of Jayalalithaa who was sent to jail on her illegal wealth, Sasikala was not even considered fit for the purpose by her “close” friend Jayalalithaa who obviously had not rusted Sasikala and even had evicted from her Poes garden residence for years. Sasikala was taken back other house only when the disproportionate wealth in which both got involved became complicated and Jayalalithaa wanted to have common stand on the issue.

Sasikala tells the innocent Tamils that she would provide a Jayalalithaa government. Only to fool them and loot the state’s resources along with her secret allies that give her new ideas to see the AIADMK is split and gone from the state.

While the MLAs were elected to help the common people of Tamil nadu today they are enjoying the five star hotel life in Mahabalipuram where each room costs about Rs 10,000 per day. Everyday Sasikala is spending at least Rs 2 crores of rupees on the MLAs secret stared life comforts. Is Sasikala spending her money or from the AIADMK funds of carders?

Her elevation to be the AIADMK supremo is improper and so her occupation of Poes garden assets.

Clearly, Sasikala is trying to the obtain throne and wealth of Jayalalithaa without even being an elected MLA and without the tacit approval of Jayalalithaa. That is both illegal and immoral.

Sasikala’s resolution seems to be clear; either she should be the CM or AIADMK be split and disappear.  That is too selfish.

TN Governor would do better to get the state assembly dissolved and new elections held for the state to end the political impasse and help the state to return to normalcy.

Let people of Tamil Nadu decide the fate of CM candidate Sasikala and her business associates under the guise of MLAs, MPs, ministers, etc.

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Abdul Ruff

Dr. Abdul Ruff is an independent analyst; columnist contributing articles to many newspapers and journals on world politics; expert on Mideast affairs, chronicler of foreign occupations & freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.); Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA); commentator on world affairs & sport fixings, former university teacher and author of eBooks/books

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