Executions in Pyramids’ Land

By Moustafa Youssef

General Al-Sisi instructed his corrupted jurisdiction system to issue some death sentences against his opposition with no trial, no basic legal nor human rights. More than 60,000 political prisoners in Trump’s favorite dictator since his military coup in July 2013. He keeps these political prisoners as hostages and executes every few weeks some of them to threaten most Egyptian and force them to stay silent.  Al-Sisi tries to cover the failure in the handling of the biggest Arab state by accusing every opposition Egyptian.

Trump’s favorite dictator created the kingdom of fear in Egypt. Egypt faces a very critical economic crisis, although Al-Sisi and his regime received very generous aid from the two wealthy governments in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Democracy is fatal to both United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia dictatorships. Both Saudi Arabia and The United Arab of Emirates, considered from the worst countries in human rights and financing all counter revolutions in the Middle East, “spent billions against Arab spring”. Together, they spent more than $60 billion to suppress the Arab spring and prevent the creation of any democratic state in the Middle East, most of those funds found their way to the pockets of Al-Sisi and his corrupt generals.

According to the World Happiness Report, Egypt ranked one of the least happy places to live in the world. According to The World Bank, around 60% of Egyptians -the population is 104.3 million- were “either poor or vulnerable”. Healthcare service in Egypt is considered one of the lowest qualities globally according to UNESCO. Egyptian external debts exceeded $135 billion, and internal debts exceeded $300 billion.

Today, Egypt’s situation is worse than ever. It is in dire need for a just judicial system, initiated and supported by a democracy that is for the people and by the people. Ignoring this deterioration invites both disaster and chaos and sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the region. If the situation continues as is in Egypt, millions of innocent people will be executed without a fair or just trial and injustice will prevail in the region. The free world needs to take a stance to prevent this unaffordable and stop Trump’s favorite dictator from executing innocent Egyptian oppositions and to stop the crisis before it is too late.

Moustafa Youssef is a researcher in political economy and development and director at Global Development Studies Center (GDSC)

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