Is a May ’68 brewing in China?

The Chinese dominant system would use the invisible dictatorship of compulsive consumerism of material goods to annul the ideals of the primitive individual and transform him into an uncritical, fearful and conformist being who will inevitably join the ranks of a homogeneous, uniform and easily manipulated society through techniques. of mass manipulation by the Chinese Politburo. These techniques would have modeled the flat encephalogram of current Chinese society, an uncritical awareness favored by the suffocating censorship exercised by the Government on the Internet, which, together with the settlement of the journalistic code of ethics, would have turned the Chinese mass media into a mere transmission belt of the postulates of the Chinese Communist Party.

The thought of the Great Leader, Xi Jinping, would be rigid and incorrigible, which impels him to ignore the contrary reasons and would only collect data or signs that confirm his prejudice to convert it into conviction, which would result in the imposition of a total censorship of information about the coronavirus on the Internet and coupled with the implementation of firewalls on the Internet and the enormous deployment of surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence for facial recognition of people even with masks (200 million cameras) as well such as the use of police drones, would have already turned China into the Big Brother that controls all Chinese citizens in real time.

Is a May ’68 brewing in China?

Autocracy would be a form of government exercised by a single person with absolute and unlimited power. which confirms Lord Acton’s aphorism “Power tends to corrupt and absolute Power corrupts absolutely”. The autocracy would therefore be a kind of invisible dictatorship based on solid strategies of cohesion (mass manipulation and cult of the leader) based on the absolute control of the media and censorship and social discredit of individuals who are refractory to the message of the supreme leader.

At the end of 2022, Xi Jinping aspires to be nominated again as general secretary at the 20th Quinquennial Congress of the Communist Party of China (PCC) to perpetuate himself in power for another five years in his third consecutive term, which de facto would symbolize the implementation of the Jinping dynasty in Chinese history. However, his nomination would be threatened by the emergence of the omicron variant that, following the current doctrine of COVID zero, will proceed to the massive confinement of large cities such as Shanghai, which will cause a contraction of GDP by 2022 until it remains, according to the World Bank, in 5′ 2%, the lowest in the last decade.

Likewise, the explosion of the real estate bubble symbolized in the possible financial crash of the real estate giant Evergrande after not being able to assume the payments of a stratospheric debt estimated at 250,000 million dollars and that would have as collateral effects a stock market crash, chain bankruptcies as well as social conflicts when families do not receive their housing. Likewise, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia will add another disturbing element in the form of grain shortages, since China imports more than 30% of its corn, sunflower and barley imports from Ukraine, which could generate disruptions in the oil, flour and feed market.

Consequently, we could witness in China the appearance of a new individual reaffirmed in a solid critical conscience and based on values such as collective indignation at massive confinements and that under the slogan “forbidden to prohibit” will generate a popular tsunami of denunciation of corruption. politics and morals of the current ruling communist elite. Likewise, it will establish the constructive chaos that will manage to dilute the opiate inhibitor of critical consciousness (consumerism) and will provoke the necessary metanoia from which a new individual will be born willing to break the norms and laws imposed by the communist establishment, not ruling out a May of the 68 that would force the Politburo to adopt open political measures to save the Regime.

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Germán Gorráiz López

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