Petrobras announces a new discovery in CearAi Basin

Petrobras announced that it successfully confirmed existence of oil deposits in deepwater of Ceará Basin during drilling operations of 1-BRSA-1080-CES (1-CES-158) well.
The well, known as Pecém, is located 76 km away from the county of Paracuru, on the shore Ceará State, in a water depth of 2,129 m. The well’s current depth is 4,410 m and the drilling shall continue down to 5,500 m.
The discovery took place in siliciclastic reservoirs of Paracuru Formation, verified due to the evidence of hydrocarbon, during drilling operation, logging analysis and results of wireline tests. The samples of fluid collected from the well indicated the presence of liquid hydrocarbonate which will be defined by means of lab analysis.
The estimated hydrocarbon column is 290 m, with 140 m of reservoir.
Petrobras operates the BM-CE-2 concession, with 60% interest, in consortium with BP Energy do Brasil Ltda, which holds 40%.
The Consortium will continue the operations to complete the drilling project of the well until the estimated depth, check the extension of the new discovery and define the permeability and porosity of the reservoirs.
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