Armenian security forces and demonstrators clashed in Yerevan

Demonstration in ArmeniaOn November 5, the Armenian security forces and demonstrators clashed in Yerevan. Shant Arutiunyan, the leader of the United National Initiative had previously declared about the start of revolutionary movement and seat-down rally which lasted for several days. On November 5, with dozens of followers, Shant Arutiunyan began what was named “the March of the Anonymous” towards the residence of the President Sargsyan. The march of demonstrators was quickly stopped by security forces on Mashtots street in central Yerevan, where the opposing sides clashed in hand-to-hand combat. The protesters were wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Arutiunyan and his son were detained by law enforcement in the process. Thirty seven more people were arrested. According to Armenian media reports, 8 policemen were injured; one of them was stabbed.

Clashes between the protesters from opposition parties and government are not rare in Armenia. Most are witnessed before and after parliamentary and presidential elections in this small Eurasian country. March 2008 post-presidential rallies ended in bloodshed as the Armenian security forces shot 8 demonstrators dead which caused an indignation from the international community.


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