Can color revolutions stop the coming COVID world order?

It's become increasingly obvious that most governments probably won't voluntarily relinquish the unprecedented powers that they've granted themselves over their people throughout the course of their COVID-19 containment efforts, which is why a growing mass of online activists in the Alt-Media Community is considering whether they might need to employ Color Revolution technology as a last-ditch effort to potentially offset the coming COVID World Order, but such a strategy is extremely risky (to say nothing of being outright dangerous!) because its predictable failure could be exploited as a pretext for both intensifying and indefinitely perpetuating the same restrictions of civil liberties that many folks are so concerned about.

Color Revolution Appeal

The COVID World Order Is Coming“, as the author warned last week in his piece that briefly discussed the most likely socio-economic and political changes brought about by various governments’ COVID-19 containment efforts that he’s since also taken to describing in their global context as World War C, but a growing mass of activists in the Alt-Media Community is beginning to wonder whether the employment of Color Revolution tactics could potentially offset this dark scenario. Although these methods of organized riots and related anti-state violence have most often been used by US-backed movements to destabilize rival governments per what’s usually the opening salvo of a prolonged Hybrid War against them, “Color Revolution Technology Isn’t Just Black And White” like the author wrote in April 2016 because it’s proliferated across the world to the point where just about any movement can independently utilize it to advance their political goals if they have the proper resources, will, and opportunity. This insight increases the odds that such tactics might eventually be experimented with by the aforementioned Alt-Media activists who are anxious to see a return of their civil liberties as soon as possible.

Stirring The Pot

There are several arguments in favor of why this scenario might eventually come about. Unemployment is increasing, while many governments have yet to implement comprehensive economic recovery packages for subsidizing their citizens’ purchase of essential goods and services, as well as potentially delaying rent, utility, and loan payments in order to ease the burden on the population and prevent an outbreak of panic. Those under strict quarantines, and even their compatriots elsewhere in the country who are aware of what their fellows are presently experiencing at the moment, are coming to the increasingly obvious conclusion that the state is unlikely to voluntarily relinquish the unprecedented powers that it granted itself over the people throughout the course of this crisis. Coupled with speculation about impending inflation and disruption in the food supply chain, with all of these aforementioned concerns being amplified by partisan players in the Mainstream and Alternative Medias in order to influence the outcome of upcoming elections, it’s not difficult to see why some people might literally take to the streets in protest despite the state’s demand that they “self-isolate” and engage in “social distancing” if they absolutely have to leave their homes for groceries or medicine.

Security Vacuums

The police are having problems too, with the Associated Press dramatically headlining an article informing their audience that “Officers Are Scared Out There” because of World War C, writing about those law enforcement officers who have either already contracted COVID-19 or are fearful that they soon will as a result of their regular interactions with the public. The New York Post reported that over 900 NYPD cops have fallen ill as of Monday night in the US’ largest city which also doubles as the country’s current epicenter. Should the trend of infected police officers spread to eventually include members of the National Guard and even the military en masse (be it in the US or elsewhere), then there’s a conceivable chance that a breakdown of law and order could occur in quarantined urban areas. That’s already credible enough of a threat in Southern Italy that Bloomberg recently warned that “Italy Risks Losing Grip In South With Fear Of Looting, Riots” that might be partially organized to an uncertain extent by the country’s infamous criminal networks. If governments don’t prioritize their preexisting plans of rolling out nationwide geotracking of all citizens, facial recognition technology on every corner, and more drones (including robot officers), then they might quickly lose control.

“Window Of Opportunity”

Although understandably alarming for responsible citizens who sincerely fear the consequences of their compatriots “going wild” for whatever reason (be it criminal and/or political) with possible impunity, this unexpected security context provides a “window of opportunity” for Color Revolutionaries to bring people into the streets as a force for change. To be clear, the author isn’t advocating such an approach and feels obligated to point out that the assembling of large crowds could instantly catalyze a massive contagion in cities that might already be recovering from the immediate impact of World War C, but the most ideologically zealous forces agitating for the reversal of de-facto martial law might either be convinced (and/or convinced the masses under their influence) that the virus isn’t dangerous or simply chalk up any forthcoming casualties as “collateral damage” in support of “the cause”. In other words, the masses might put themselves in danger (be it out of economic desperation, Mainstream and Alternative Media manipulation, and/or devotion to “the cause”) by not only physically confronting the government per the standard risk to their lives that accompanies all Color Revolution attempts, but also increasing the chances that they’ll catch COVID-19 from someone in the crowd.

The Counter-Productivity Of “Pure” Counter-COVID Color Revolutions

Even in the event that a critical mass of protesters (some of whom might quickly become rioters or worse) take advantage of the “window of opportunity” opened up by the state’s security services possibly contracting the virus en masse, it’s still unlikely that this in and of itself will succeed in achieving any political changes unless they can convince local, state/provincial, and/or federal/national authorities to concede to some or all of their demands. The author isn’t by any means encouraging this, but as an analyst, he forecasts that the odds of this occurring would considerably improve if the Color Revolutionaries “occupied” critical infrastructure like local government offices, police stations, utility companies, transport corridors, and strategic industries in an attempt to pressure the political powers above them. The reason why he doesn’t support these means of action, however, is because of just how easily the state could accuse the participants of these events of being terrorists, whether they’re truly engaged in terrorist actions or if that label’s exploited as a pretext to violently — and perhaps even lethally — crack down on them. In more “fragile states”, successful “occupations” of these critical infrastructure targets might achieve political dividends, but others will require “deep state” backing.

“Deep State” Sympathizers Are Indispensable For Success

What’s meant by this is that members of a country’s military, intelligence, and/or diplomatic bureaucracies, among others, would have to sympathize with the Color Revolutionaries in order to bring about tangible political change as a result of their on-the-ground actions. In some cases, they might secretly provoke these movements or even outright organize and/or coordinate them through their connections with a few of these groups’ core members so as to create the pretext for triggering a chain reaction of political changes from above, which might even result in regime change as this most dramatic outcome of the state’s Hybrid War on itself (similar in structure to the one that India’s presently waging but completely different in substance and intended end game). For example, there’s speculation that some military forces are conspiring against Brazilian President Bolsonaro, using his controversial (mis)handling of World War C as the cover to make him the next victim of the “South American Spring” that the author wrote about last November. This could be achieved by the military relying on “lawfare“,the Left (whether the latter willingly conspire with them, passively agree to be “fellow travelers” in support of the “same cause”, or are exploited as “useful idiots”), a coup, or a combination thereof.

Concluding Thoughts

While it might be tempting for the growing mass of online activists in the Alt-Media Community to countenance the employment of Color Revolution technologies in pursuit of regaining their newly lost civil liberties, it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll succeed if they attempt to do this in so-called “developed” (Western) countries unless influential members of their “deep state” sympathize with their cause and passively facilitate them behind the scenes. Even then, however, their success is far from assured since their actions would only be playing into the larger power struggle within the government, if such a struggle even exists to begin with, that is. Without preexisting political tensions at the top levels of the “deep state”, it’s extremely unlikely that an attempted counter-COVID Color Revolution could “checkmate” the government into reversing its latest power grab, let alone right away considering all of the prior planning and countless collaborators within the state which made that unprecedented seizure of freedoms possible in the first place. While it might be dispiriting to consider oneself as nothing more than a pawn in a possible (key qualifier) “deep state” struggle, if not a newly shackled slave of the seemingly irreversible COVID World Order, that appears to be today’s dystopian reality.

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Andrew Korybko

Andrew Korybko is a Moscow-based American political analyst. He specializes in the relationship between the US strategy in Afro-Eurasia, China's Belt & Road Initiative, and Hybrid Warfare. His other areas of focus include South Asian affairs and the US' recent restoration of hegemonic influence in Latin America.

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