Romania registers second largest industrial growth in EU

Romania - BucharestSkylineBiggest industrial production growth in Romania was registered in September 2013. Among the EU countries, Romania with 2.4% increase in industrial production ranked second after Ireland which recorded 2.9% increase and ahead of Hungary with an increase in 1.8%. Overall, the average industrial production in EU in September decreased by 0.5%.

Portugal where the economic decline has been visible for three years now, recorded the biggest drop, -11.2%, Luxembourg and Croatia had a decrease of -4.1% and -3.3%, respectively. Data comparing statistics for September 2013 and September 2012, shows that Romania registered the second biggest increase with 8.9% growth in industrial production, whereas Ireland recorded 11.7%.

For two decades since the overthrow of Nicolae Ceaușescu regime in 1989, Romania has seen substantial foreign direct investment totaling $170 billion. The country was among the most rapidly growing economies of Europe with a peak of 8.4% in 2008, three times the EU average.

The industrial sector accounts for 26.4% of the workforce. Romania is the regional leader in automobile production, machinery and chemicals.


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